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Plumbing: Expectations vs. Reality

Plumbing Expectations vs Reality | 5 Star Best Plumbing

People tend to have certain expectations when hiring a plumber. An example of this is that plumbers will keep their work area clean and neat. In reality, plumbing services are usually messy. Another example is that plumbing is a pretty straight forward job. Sure, some services are simple, but then there are jobs like rooter service that takes time to complete. We wanted to lay out some expectations that the general public may have towards plumbing service and portray the reality of each.


  • My home’s plumbing will last a lifetime
  • The plumber that comes will always keep his area clean and neat
  • It’s usually a small issue that is easy to fix
  • The plumbing repair required will only take a few hours to complete.
  • Drain cleaning should be cheap.


  • Although your home’s plumbing system is designed to function for a long period of time, it still requires attention every now and then. With time, your plumbing system degrades from use and age.
  • Your plumber may look clean and presentable at the beginning of the workday but chances are, they will get dirty. Depending on the job, your plumber may have to even make a hole in your wall. That’s why they commonly use the saying “It’s going to look a lot uglier before it gets better”
  • Although you may be experiencing something as simple as a clogged drain, you may have a worse situation on your hands. For example, if your drains are backed up and water won’t go down, it could be a clogged bathtub drain or something as bad as a clogged mainline. That’s why we inspect your pipes and find the root of the problem.
  • A common misconception about plumbing is that it should only take a few hours to complete the repair required. This couldn’t be further from the truth in many cases. Unclogging your drain lines may take about 4 hours but something bigger like main sewer line repair can take days depending on the severity. 

Here are some plumbing jobs that can be done in a few hours:

      • Water heater flush Water heater replacement
      • Tankless water heater descaling Clogged drain/back up clearing
      • Hydro jetting services Gas leak detection
      • Water leak detection Faucet repair
      • Shower repair Toilet repair
      • Sewer inspection Sewer camera inspection

Here are some plumbing jobs that can take more than a day to complete:

      • Water heater repair Sewer repair
      • Sewer replacement Liner installation
      • Gas line replacement Gas line repair
      • Rooter service Trenchless sewer repair

Plumbing takes a huge amount of effort and skill to professionally perform a repair. Although the symptoms tend to be very small, plumbers always have to thoroughly check your home to see what the true source of the problem is. If you’re experiencing any plumbing issue, we’re more than happy to help!

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