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Nearly all homes have natural gas appliances, propane-powered appliances, and gas-powered water heaters. The use of natural gas has become much safer which is why there are very few instances of catastrophes involving it. The local utility company puts in safeguards to help protect consumers and keep our homes safe. However, if the gas line gets a leak due to a natural disaster or is accidentally punctured, then there is a serious risk of fire or explosion. 

Signs of a Gas Leak

While you may not be completely sure you have a gas leak in your home or business, there are you can look for signs that point to it. Natural gas in its normal state is odorless, tasteless, and hard to detect. That’s why it is mixed with the chemical mercaptan which gives it a very strong smell similar to rotten eggs. If you detect a noticeable smell similar to this, then you may have a gas leak in your home. A hissing sound may be another indication of a gas leak from a punctured or loose connection. With a gas leak, a lit gas stove will produce orange or yellow flames instead of blue showing that the gas doesn’t have enough oxygen. Unusually high gas bills are also an indication that you likely have a gas leak in your home. The last sign of a possible gas leak is dying houseplants. If your plants are otherwise healthy and normal, a gas leak can rob them of the carbon dioxide they need to survive.

Los Angeles Gas Leak Detection Services

If you think you may have a gas leak, it needs to be taken care of immediately and can’t be ignored. Gas leaks are potentially dangerous or even life-threatening. If you believe you have a gas leak in your home or business, perform the following steps immediately:

  • Open all windows and doors to help vent the gas
  • Watch out for possible static electricity from electronic devices, phones or items that frequently carry a charge
  • Don’t light matches or candles even if the power is out.
  • Evacuate the property
  • Call a plumber for gas leak detection

Gas Leak Detection Methods

There are several methods that can be used to detect gas leaks in your home. One is a handheld natural gas detector that can sense gas leaks and spots of gas within a room. This device will sound an alarm when an area has too high of a concentration of gas. Our gas leak detection professionals also use mini laser methane detectors, SELMA methane detectors, ALMA methane detectors, and optical gas imaging to discover gas leaks. If you suspect that you have a gas leak our expert technician will find it and fix it for you right away. 

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Whether you need gas leak detection services, gas fireplace leak detection, or have other concerns about your natural gas or propane we can help! Having a gas leak in your home or business is a serious matter and needs to be dealt with immediately. Want to have safer, cleaner water to use in your home? Check our HALO filtration system installation service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more

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