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Toilet Leaking (Repair/replacement)

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Toilet Leaking Repair & Replacement

Toilet Leak Repair

Is your toilet leaking? If you’re not sure if it is, check your sinks, showerhead, garden hoses, and any other faucet in your home. If they’re dry, then your toilet may be leaking. You might have noticed this with a higher than usual utility bill. Whatever the reason may be, it costs you money if it goes unfixed. 

Why Toilets Leak

Toilets can leak for many reasons. Whether it be old age or components are damaged, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible so you don’t have to deal with the consequences. Two of the most common causes of a leaking toilet are:

#1 A defective or old flush valve (flapper) ball. The flapper is responsible for sealing in water inside the tank after every flush. The water-tight seal ensures that enough water will be stored in order to fully flush down all the contents in the toilet. If this flapper is defective, it lets water leak through any little opening. An easy way to detect this is to simply look at your toilet and check for any water running. If the leak is too small to detect, call a plumber like us to perform a dye test.

#2 A broken or incorrectly adjusted fill/ballcock valve will also cause your toilet to leak. After so much use, components within your toilet bowl don’t work the same. When a fill/ballcock valve doesn’t work properly, it can cause your toilet bowl to overfill and let water escape through the overflow tube.

If you think or know your toilet is leaking, call us and one of our pros will be at your door as soon as possible. One toilet leak issue that we can confidently solve is with our tankless descaling service. scale can accumulate on your pipes resulting in clogs and leaks. We specialize in every plumbing service including toilet leak repair and toilet replacement service.

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