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Welcome to 5 Star Best Plumbing your plumbing expert serving Los Angeles and the surrounding communities. With our experience since 2006, we have been providing reliable services that our communities have come to rely on. Our family owned and operated business is committed to providing expert services that you need and the customer care that you should expect. Our philosophy is simple; we provide high-quality honest service that you can depend on while ensuring that we provide attentive customer care.

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Lauren P.

I called this plumbing service company to repair my leaking pipe, and their plumber came immediately. He was very polite, explained the process, and did it in no time to the highest standard. He was extremely responsive and informative throughout the entire service. It was the most pleasant plumbing service ever. I highly recommend this company to everyone.

Martin R.

I am very contented with the service provided by this plumbing repair company. They have completely addressed my water line repair needs within a short time. The service cost was very reasonable, and I didn’t regret calling them. They were very good, approachable, and professional throughout the service. Thank you very much!

Joe L.

Top-tier service! The plumber who came last day to repair my blocked toilet was expert and professional. He's very patient in handling the situation. The plumber did the repair service perfectly to the highest standard at a very affordable rate. Also, the plumber explained the process and charges before doing the plumbing service. Highly recommended!

Charlotte H.

The plumber I had today to address my leaking pipe repair needs was awe-inspiring. He is very knowledgeable and well-equipped in this kind of service. The response time, honesty, and quality of work are truly great. His company was very lucky to have this guy. I am very satisfied with the service and charges. Highly recommended!

James K.

Yesterday, I had a very expert and knowledgeable guy who did my shower installation. He installed it to my satisfaction without any hesitation. He arrived on time and quickly installed it at a very reasonable cost. I was very contented with the great service. Thank you very much, and have a great day ahead!

Lucas P.

This plumbing service company is the most reliable out there. Their service charge is very reasonable, and the service is impressive. I had them out today to repair my hot water heater that needs replacement, and they delivered it reliably. The plumber was very honest and gave me professional advice to take care of my system. This company made me very comfortable. Highly recommended!

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