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Commercial sink installation and replacement

Looking to get a commercial sink installed or replaced? Our pros at 5 Star Best Plumbing can get it done for you. Commercial sinks are much more convenient because of the ease of use. That’s why businesses like restaurants use these stainless steel sinks to handle the demand of the kitchen. 

Installing a commercial sink

Installation of a commercial sink takes many things into consideration and the main one being location. Our plumbers look at the area in which installation is viable and advise you on which one spot would be best. We choose it based on the current plumbing system (if any), how long the pipes must be, and attachment positioning. 

No matter whether you want commercial sink installation or replacement, our expert plumbers know exactly how to plan and execute your project. 

Commercial bathroom installation, repair, and replacement

Bathrooms make life much easier and cleaner as we have a safe space to clean up and remove our waste. If your toilets or faucets have gone out of order in the office, we can fix it. With plumbers that can handle and commercial plumbing equipment, we can get all the urinals, toilets, sinks, and/or faucets back in working order. 

Give us a call if you need any commercial bathroom repair, installation, replacement or water leak detection.

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