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Sewage Leak Repair

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Sewage Leak Repair

Los Angeles Sewage Leak Repair Service

Having a sewage leak on your property is one of the most disruptive issues you can ever face as a homeowner. A leaking sewage line is unsanitary, smells, and can cause significant damage to your yard and house. Sewage lines that are not fixed promptly can result in costly repairs or may even require a full replacement. If you believe there is a problem with your sewage line, call a professional to inspect and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Our technicians have the necessary experience and tools to easily identify any issues and fix them before anything more significant happens.

Indications of a Sewage Leak

Outside of seeing your lawn flooded with sewage, there are other indications that there might be a leak in your sewage line. These include:

  • Weird burbling noises coming from your toilet
  • Low or no water in toilets
  • Clogged or slow draining tub, sinks or showers
  • Standing sewage in the toilet
  • Obvious sewage odors in your home or lawn
  • Water damage on the foundation
  • Increase in pests around your home

If you notice any of these signs, call our professional plumbers who will come out to your home, sewage line inspection, identify the issue and repair it as fast as possible. Also, if your home is more than 20 years old, then your sewage lines should be inspected as well to prevent any possible problems. Our technicians can repair any sewage line using trenchless pipe burst repair, trenchless pipe relining, or by using a traditional sewage line excavation to repair your sewage line.

Common Causes of Damage to Sewage Lines

There are many different possible causes of sewage line leaks, which include:

  • Tree roots growing through pipes
  • Built-up items such as grease, oil,
  • Earthquakes or other significant movements of dirt
  • Aging and normal wear and tear
  • Poorly designed sewage system
  • City sewage backup
  • No regular maintenance

We Also Offer Los Angeles Sewage Maintenance Service

To keep your sewage working properly and trouble-free, it is recommended to have regular sewage maintenance service on your system. A sewage technician will inspect your sewage lines and perform any necessary tasks to keep your system at optimal performance.

Our experienced plumbing service company also offers an annual maintenance service for your sewage system that includes comprehensive sewage line inspections using tools such as video cameras. This preventative maintenance procedure will help identify, cracks, punctures, corrosion, root intrusions, grease buildup, leaks, and other obstructions. Discovering sewage blockages early and taking care of them will help prevent these issues from becoming a disaster later.

For Sewage Repair and Maintenance in Los Angeles, Call Us Today!

Whether you need sewage leak repair, sewage pipe leak repair, or sewage drain leak repair we can help! Taking time out of your schedule to get your sewage line fixed can seem like a big task, but many repairs can be resolved quickly or even repaired the same day. For more convenient sewer solutions, a trenchless pipe burst installation will greatly help in cleaning and servicing your sewers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our sewer services.

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