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Halo Whole House Water System

There is nothing more important than clean potable water in a house. Unfortunately, not all homes have access to healthy water and thus have to find a way to get it. Most people will opt for a water filtration system. This is a good idea but for one thing; not all water filtration systems are efficient. Some water filtration systems while filtering do not get rid of all contaminants or sometimes remove all the healthy and necessary minerals in the water. That is why when acquiring a water filtration system it is important to be careful and choose the right and most efficient water filtration system for your home. Luckily for you, we have exactly what you need.

HALO 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning Systemis the most efficient filtration system in the market. Designed by a master plumber and expert in water conditioning, Halo has all the qualities you expect a good water filtration system should have. You will find here under what makes the HALO 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning Systemthe best choice for your home.

5 Reasons To Filter Water

The best reason to buy a water filtration system is to improve your family’s well being. Whole-house filtration filters through high levels of chemicals, minerals, and artificial substances that can be found in the water. Even safe levels of chlorine can have adverse reactions, in the long run.
Tap water contains toxins such as chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, hazardous material, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants.
Most cities add fluoride to your drinking water. Excessive exposure to fluoride can cause several health issues.
Collected rainwater is often contaminated with E.coli and other pathogenic bacteria.
Most rainwater is stored in plastic tanks. BPA or Bisphenol A, a common chemical used to make plastics, can contaminate the water and can cause certain medical conditions.
Spring/well water is often polluted with pesticides, nitrates, chemical byproducts, heavy metals, and hazardous material. Not to mention the animal waste and decay.
Clean Water

Highly effective

As mentioned above, there are a lot of water filtration systems in the market. The problem with those systems is the way they filter your water. Tap water in different parts of the country has different qualities. The only similarity tap water has no matter where you live is that it is not always safe to drink. Water flowing down your faucets most of the time is full of microorganisms and toxins that could be dangerous to your health. As a remedy to that most water filtration systems use chemicals or salt to eliminate these threats. Unfortunately, these chemicals can turn out to be threats to your health too.

With Halo 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System you do not have to worry about any chemicals in your water. The Halo filtration system efficiently filters water for your whole house without using any chemicals or salt. It also preserves the essential minerals that are beneficial to your health. There is no water filtration system more efficient than Halo 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System.

Another factor that makes HALO 5 stage the most efficient filtration system is its water conditioner, HALO ION. HALO ION is designed to treat water that flows all through the house. It helps in removing scales and prevent future scale formation. The result of this system is potable water and corrosion-free utensils and plumbing.

Clean Water

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Clean Drinking Water

Introducing The HALO 5 Water Filtration System

HALO Premium Water Filtration System is a great choice if you’re looking to get cleaner water in your home. This premium water system provides extensive removal of chlorine, chemicals, dyes, heavy metals, man-made pollutants, pesticides, and other impurities. That includes undesirable taste and organic contaminants. The HALO process uses Catalytic High Activated Carbon, which is an excellent material for fully reducing free chlorine from water supplies. You can expect fresh, clean water with no unpleasant taste or odor.

Halo Water - 5 Star Plumbing
Halo Water System - 5 Star Plumbing

HALO 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System

Cheap Water
Every month, homeowners spend about $300 to provide themselves with potable water and counter the effect of non-filtered water. With HALO 5 Stage, these expenses are drastically reduced. HALO 5 Stage offers you 1000 liters of water per day for ten at no cost. Invest in HALO 5 Stage and use you as much water as you want for your home chores without worrying about your finances.
Excellent plumbing

What many do not know is that non filtered water can cause damage to your plumbing system. This type of water that can affect your pipes is called hard water. This water contains a high amount of calcium and as it flows through your pipes it leaves deposits that could seriously damage our plumbing system. HALO 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System eliminates that problem.

HALO 5 Stage does not only purify water but also conditions it. HALO ION, our inline water conditioner helps to control hard water scale and corrosion. Its innovative technology dissolves scales and makes the water safe for both your plumbing and your health.

No maintenance

This is a huge advantage that HALO 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System has over all other filtration systems. Once Halo is installed in your home you do not need to worry about anything else. You do not need to do any regular maintenance nor change any filters. The Halo filtration system is a long lasting and reliable system.

Get it installed by our experts

Installing HALO 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System takes just a few minutes. Our experts will have your Halo installed in 30 minutes. They are well-trained, experienced and certified technicians. They already have successfully installed this system in many homes around the city.

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As quick as the installation process is, so is the cost. HALO 5 Stage Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning System is one of the most affordable and efficient filtration systems in the market.

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