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We know that owning a home can be one of the greatest joys in life but also requires a lot of time and investment. When faced with an unexpected, costly and urgent plumbing situation that joy can start to feel more like a nightmare. Not all homeowners can afford such expenses at a moment’s notice and it can put them in a substantial financial bind.

The5starplumbing worked hard to find a solution to help homeowners when faced with those circumstances.
By partnering with renowned and trustworthy lenders in the home improvement industry such as Wells Fargo, Ener Bank, and Synchrony Bank, we came up with attractive financing plans that will help homeowners when they need it most.

This partnership permits us to offer you the following for your home projects:

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Affordable financing plans

Our customers benefit when they have multiple financing plans to choose from. We’ve worked with our partners to provide various financing options that will work for just about every homeowner’s situation and budget.

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18 months with no interest

Among the financing plans we offer, some come with up to 18 months without interest and customers with big projects will enjoy very low-interest rates. All these options are meant to help our customers find the right plan for them.

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Zero down payment

Unlike other plans, our financing options come with no down payment. The goal is to help our customers be able to get their project started without having to worry about coming up with up-front cash.


Easy qualification and approval procedures.

The procedure homeowners have to go through to enjoy our financing is easy and fast. After applying, the request will be immediately reviewed by our lenders and a response will be given on the spot.

The greatest benefit you get from financing is that it allows you to choose what is best
for your home versus being limited by the cash you have immediately available.

The5starplumbing is your partner in ensuring your plumbing project is easy from start to end. Our team of experts work hard to come up with the best options for you and your home.

Financing is one of these offers that can allow you to select the options that best fit your needs. To get more information about our financing projects or to apply for financing contact us

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