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Shower Leaking Repair/replacement

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shower leaking Repair & replacement

Leaking Shower Repair

The most common plumbing issue that people face is water leaks. It can start off as a small and annoying drop every other second and develop to a constant stream that has no end. At 5 Star Best Plumbing, we understand the headache that a leaky shower can cause.

Effects of a leaking shower

Leaky showers usually cause more problems than you think. A tiny leak that leaves even one drop a second can lead to about 5 gallons of wasted water each day. Now, imagine that multiplied in a week or a month. Many homeowners are guilty of letting a small leak continue growing because one drop doesn’t seem like a problem. The fact of the matter is that even the smallest leak leads to waste which raises your utility bill.

Another big problem is that a small leak usually develops into a much bigger one. If you’ve noticed a leak coming from your shower that started a month ago, you can bet that it’s wasting even more water today. Water easily escapes through your shower head if the internal components are aging or are defective. As more time passes, it becomes easier for more water to pass through as it eats away at the defective component (usually a washer).

If you’re looking for shower repair, Toilet leak repair and faucet leaking repair. Our professionals can handle it easily. A plumber will make it out to your home as soon as possible and fix that leak.

Shower Leak Repair - 5 Star Plumbing