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Trenchless pipe burst (install)

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Trenchless Pipe Burst Installation

Pipe bursting is gaining popularity in the plumbing business because it lets homeowners like you, avoid the drawbacks of traditional sewer pipe repair. While normal sewer line repair will require extensive digging of your yard to reveal the full pipe, trenchless pipe bursting avoids that. Trenchless pipe burst sounds scary, but you don’t have to worry with experts like ours. 

How Trenchless Pipe Bursting Works

Trenchless Pipe bursting is a new way to install a new sewer pipe to replace the old problematic ones you may currently have. First, we start with a comprehensive inspection. This will ensure an accurate diagnosis to know exactly what we will be dealing with. You will want a trenchless pipe burst installation when your sewer lines are broken and you want to save your yard as much as possible. With a camera inspection, we’ll show you exactly how your pipes look first-hand. Once we locate the damage, we will clean out the pipes to clear any debris and grime that will get in the way. Access holes will be dug up and a “bursting head” connected to the new pipe will be inserted so as your old pipe gets broken away, a new pipe will replace it.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

There are many benefits of trenchless pipe bursting that make it a better option compared to traditional sewer line repair. The benefits include:

  • Sewer line is replaced with a new pipe
  • Restored flow capacity
  • Leaks are repaired
  • Protection from tree roots
  • Yard integrity is maintained
  • Extended life for another 50 years

There are many reasons to get a pipe bursting service performed on your home. Going trenchless will get you new pipes that will last for decades to come and your yard will look the same before and after we’re done. Our services are available throughout California including, North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Anaheim, and many more.

Trenchless Repair Service - 5 Star Plumbing
Trenchless Repair - 5 Star Plumbing