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Orangeburg Pipe and Its Disadvantages Restoration & Replacement

Was your dream house built between the years 1945 and 1972? 

Have you been experiencing regular clogged drains, lawn indentations, or unequal green patches in your grass? If  YES, then your house may have a high chance of possessing a sewer line pipe called Orangeburg. 

The Orangeburg pipe period has been a financial gain for plumbers and a financial loss for residential and commercial building owners.  Since the 1970s, the latest installations of Orangeburg pipes are going to be grappled with their expiration real soon. They could cause an immensely expensive sewer line breakdown when disregarded.


What is an Orangeburg Pipe?`

Orangeburg piping is called after the town where it originated: Orangeburg, New York. It’s a pipe made of wood pulp and wrapped with coal tar. As a result, this makes the material  extremely brittle and light. It contorts under pressure and absorbs moisture that seems to resemble a toilet paper tube for some people. Orangeburg pipes come with a life span that lasts up to 50 years. After 30 years, deformation may start to take place. Houses and office buildings with this type of pipe are considered 40 or more years old that may put the buildings at risk.


How Can I Tell If I Have Orangeburg Sewer Pipe?

If your house or office building was constructed 40 years ago, there is a high possibility that it was built with Orangeburg piping. Since most of the pipes are installed underground, still it can be difficult to identify. Here are some other ways to tell if you have Orangeburg piping:

  • Your city officials or homeowners association will note if your property has this type of piping, thus, checking your real estate documents is a must.


    • As the material breaks down, it’s common for Orangeburg piping to incur slow draining and frequent toilet clogs that can give off foul sewer odors in your home.
    • Your lawn forms patches and dents that look greener than the other sides, and even foundation sinkholes that distorts the pipes resulting in tree roots to shred and mangle.


      What are the Disadvantages of Using Orangeburg Sewer Pipes?When the pipes start to crack up, you will experience tree root incursion, clogged lines,  and worse total pipe breakdown. Once the disintegration process progresses, Orangeburg sewer pipes deform easily. Here are the common warning signs to look out for:

      • Mold troubles
      • Slow draining
      • Frequent toilet clogs
      • Unpleasant smell of sewer inside the home
      • Lawn plots that appear greener than others
      • Hollow spots in the lawn
      • Sinkholes in the base

      How are the Restoration and Replacement Done?

      In most cases, onsite inspections can determine severe damage within the pipes that would only require rehabilitation through trenchless sewer pipe lining, a no-dig process, or  also called cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. It repairs the damaged pipes and restores them without the need to manually dig on your residential or commercial areas. On the other hand, if the Orangeburg pipes are immense, oval-shaped materials, they would already need replacement that  requires installing more durable, new  pipes such as cast iron and PVC pipes, which are  resistant and study keeping your pipeline systems and sewer lines in perfect working conditions for many years.



      Professional plumbers can evaluate your house or building pipes to check their current conditions. If breakdown is highly possible, they can take some action to make appropriate  repair and restoration to hold off further breakdown. Contemporary plumbing methods of trenchless pipe lining provide a great but affordable option to restore from waning Orangeburg pipes.

      The trenchless technology is integrated with ancient pipelines like the Orangeburg pipes, through the application of existing openings, or small dug holes in  pipes and drainages. Professional installers utilize an industry-standard, fiberglass and resin Perma-liner to seal the pipes and dilate in its inner surface like how a pipe-cleaning chemical washes off dirty drainage. This epoxy-coated emollient seals all the breaks and holes in a pipeline, and with the present trenchless repair technology, they can be completely restored and working in just a few hours.

      In addition to functionally and productively working Orangeburg pipeline repairs, trenchless technologies can also extend your pipeline’s life span, and cut some significant financial expenditures on both immediate and extended future repairs. Using trenchless technology will reline and restore your Orangeburg pipelines from which households and offices can also benefit from. Ultimately, the integration of trenchless restoration technologies with flagging and damaged Orangeburg pipes is presently one of the most efficient and practical procedures of Orangeburg restoration. 



      In due time, you would have to switch to PVC pipes. If your Orangeburg pipe lines have already deteriorated, then this is the right time to cut at least the expenses you would be incurring on the work. All you need to do then is to purchase PVC pipes and have the whole drainage line  replaced.

      When changing your Orangeburg piping is your best option, then it is important that immediate replacement is not an economic choice for many. It’s also unfortunately not normally covered by insurance; if your guideline does constitute sewer lines, most probably there is a cap on the charges and you will still be owing money for some of the spendings.

      Aren’t you still not yet? The only certain way to determine if you have Orangeburg piping is to have your house or office buildings checked by 5 Star Plumbing. It is staffed with experienced and  professional plumbers who are able to examine your current piping lines, recommend the best possible options, and walk you through the restoration or replacement processes when necessary.

      To check out more about the  trenchless technology applications or replacement procedures, often in the restoration and repairing of Orangeburg pipeline system, and what they can do for your home or business, contact 5 Star Plumbing for a Orangeburg pipe lining consultation.

      You can bank on 5 Star Plumbing for efficient and affordable plumbing services. Rest assured that your Orangeburg pipes will be in a safe care when you decide to secure our service for your piping restoration or replacement needs. We look forward to serving you!