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Plumbing Tips To Help You Make Your Bathroom Remodeling A Success.

Are you fed up with your current bathroom design and want to change everything from ceiling to floor? That’s great, but you have to be careful with your plumbing – the trickiest part of bathroom remodeling projects. Understanding pipe structures and connections and how to perform the work properly is essential to realize a perfect bathroom renovation without losing any money. As your plumbing specialist, we decided to dive into the subject with you and show you how you can make your bathroom remodeling perfect plumbing-wise.  We have some useful plumbing tips for your bathroom remodeling. Tie your belt as we explore the world of plumbing in bathroom renovation projects.  

Choose The Right Pipes. 

First, let’s talk about the types of pipes you need for your bathroom. In old homes, bathroom plumbing pipes are usually made of iron or galvanized metal. These pipes are usually strong but do not fit modern plumbing installations such as low-flow toilets. Nowadays, bathroom fixtures are built to save water and thus require new technology to achieve that. It is for that reason that instead of iron and galvanized metal pipes, plumbers choose to use PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene). These two types of pipes are more adapted to modern kitchens and are easy and affordable to install.   

These two new types of pipes can be found in all plumbing shops and are very easy to install. Due to their flexibility, you can install them in any corner of your bathroom easily. A huge advantage that you won’t see in other plumbing parts.

When you are renovating your bathroom, you have to choose between hidden plumbing and exposed plumbing. Both types of plumbing work perfectly. The only difference between these two types is that hidden plumbing saves more space and makes your bathroom look cleaner, while exposed plumbing is more traditional. If you go for hidden plumbing installation, then PVC and PEX pipes are good for you and will do the job perfectly. Since they are cheap and easy to install, you will complete that part of your bathroom remodeling quickly.

On the other hand, If you opt for exposed plumbing, we advise you to go for copper pipes. Even though they are more expensive to buy and will take a longer time to install, they are more appealing aesthetically as compared to the PVC or PEX pipes. 

Carefully Examine Your Bathroom Before You Install Your Fixtures.

When it comes to bathroom design, our imagination has no limits. But unfortunately, not everything we dream of is achievable. Drain lines and water pipes in your bathroom often determine where you can place your fixtures. Although it is sometimes possible to change the position of the drain line and some pipes, it is usually very expensive and takes a lot of time. Unfortunately, it is most of the time impossible to change the position of your plumbing. So, you have to install your fixtures according to the position of your drain lines and water pipes. For this reason, we recommend planning your bathroom renovation with an expert plumber so that he can guide you on which fixtures will best fit your new room.  

Check Your Water Pressure.

One other thing that has changed in modern bathroom constructions is the type of showerheads we fix to rigid pipes. The problem here is not fitting the showerhead itself since the standard size of fittings connected to the showerheads is all the same. The issue is how new showerheads work. Nowadays, showerheads are built to restrict water flow. That is, no matter what the water pressure in your pipes, once it reaches your shower head, it reduces to 2.5 gallons per minute. So, before you start installing your shower head, call a specialist to check your home’s water pressure. From there, you will know what types of shower heads you have to buy so that you have a good enough water flow. 

If your home has low water pressure and your shower head won’t help much, there are other things you can do to improve your water pressure, such as unclogging your pipes or procuring yourself a water pressure booster. The same if your water pressure is too high, there many devices that you can install in your home to reduce pressure.

Replace Or Upgrade Your Water Heater.

A remodeling of your bathroom requires that you look into your water heater situation. How old is your water heater? How efficient is it, and how much does it cost you every month in bills? These questions can help you decide whether to keep, change or upgrade your water heater. When it comes to upgrading, one of the options you have is getting a tankless water heater. A tankless water heater, also known as a “demand-type water heater,” offers you water whenever you need it and without delay. Compared to a conventional water heater that has to heat water and keep it in a tank within the device, tankless water heaters offer greater convenience. The only disadvantage of a tankless water heater is its price and the cost of installation. 

Add Extra Plumbing Features.

When renovating your bathroom, you have the opportunity to add some extra equipment such as underfloor heating or a hydronic heated towel rack to your room. These devices use hot water to heat your bathroom and keep it cozy. 

Get Vetted Plumbing Specialist to Help You with Your Renovation

A bathroom remodeling project performed without the help of an expert technician is often long, expensive, and exhausting to complete. And it can even be worse if you choose inexperienced plumbers to do the job. Fortunately, you are here, and you do not have to suffer long, unending bathroom renovation projects.

At 5 Star Plumbing, we have qualified and experienced plumbers at your disposal for all your plumbing projects. They will install, repair, and provide you with valuable advice whenever you request it. Hiring our technicians to help you with your bathroom renovation will get your project completed quickly and at a cost-effective price.

Schedule an appointment with one of our experts by calling us at (888) 909-0120 or leave us a message online. We are waiting for your call to connect you with one of our specialists.

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