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Why You Need a Clogged Drain Cleaning

    Several homeowners have an obvious weak spot in their home maintenance routine such as their drain pipes. In most cases, many people don’t even consider regular drain maintenance until something inconvenient takes place like a clogged drain or unpleasant smell of gases around the four corners of their home. Nevertheless, you don’t have to suffer from such issues with your drains when you do minimal preventative maintenance.

    Here are the reasons why you need a clogged drain cleaning:

Keeps Pipes in Shape

    The accumulation of grease and other chemicals in your water pipes can result in corrosion and leaks over time. A small leak is an inconvenience that must be addressed in a timely manner. A major leak is indeed an agony for most homeowners. It takes a lot of time for the materials to disintegrate the water pipes. The drain cleaning removes the chemicals that got stuck, so it doesn’t result in corrosion in the pipes. Properly maintained water pipes can last up to decades with minimal or no issues. When these materials break the water pipes, they would need to be uninstalled and changed within a couple of years. You will have to spend on replacement, of course, which may also involve ripping of your walls and flooring.

Prevent Floor and Wall Damage

    If water spills over from a clogged toilet or sink, it spreads around your floors and walls. They are not intended to stand that and may result in water damage. Water can leak under the floor and deteriorate wallpaper in your walls. Molds can build up and they lose structural strengths. Changing the affected parts of the wall and floor is costly and if the clog worsens then it will just happen over and over again. A qualified drain cleaner removes your frustration about a clog. Thus, the walls and floors are kept in good condition. They can last up to several years without any complications unless they are exposed to water.

Speeds Up Drainage

    One of the initial signs of a possible clog is slow and gradual drainage. They are also an inconvenience to the homeowners. Washing the dishes or taking a shower has to be cut short first until the drain keeps up with water dripping into the shower. You duck toilets several times a day or even a week, which is an unpleasant job. Having an expert plumber clear your drains takes these hassles away. The water quickly drains and you need not to be anxious about the overflowing toilets or sinks. Like everyone, you don’t want your shower cut short due to a clogged drain. Everyone deserves to take a soothing hot shower any time they want and not your sluggish drain.

Cut Cost  Over Time

    The professional fee is one of the most common reasons why homeowners don’t opt to have their drain cleaned. Of course, an expert plumber can’t just do the job in your house for gratis. What some people don’t realize is the amount of money of regular drain cleaning is lesser in comparison to the comprehensive plumbing costs paid for severe cases of drains or water damage. The cost of a plumber working on your drain   at your home and cleaning drains is minor when you take into consideration the complex issues with clogs. The clog around your drain is a big trouble, but if the clog reaches along the water pipes and under the ground, then they already require the attention of an expert. Clogs can result in leaks and the simple way to change a pipe under the ground is to dredge it up. The cost is as high as the level of trouble it can bring.

Reduces the Clog Risks

    Consider flushing your toilet bowl simply to have the wastewater crammed full and pool on your bathroom floor. When you allow a slow drain to result in a clog, then it could be a huge hassle. Without proper drainage, you can’t take a shower, wash your hands, or do the dishes. You may check and soak, but when the clog is sturdy then it becomes a waste of time. You can make use of a drain cleaner available in the market; however, they contain toxic chemicals that are harmful for the environment and dangerous to your health when not used properly. By getting your drains cleaned periodically, you don’t suffer from clogs and never have to think of a sewage replacement.

Improve Health Conditions 

     It is important to know that when bacteria disintegrate the organic materials to produce bad odors. Clogged drains are the ideal place for molds and bacteria. Without the water flow to regularly wash it out, they will just build up. Molds and bacteria can negatively impact your family’s health. It can result in various illnesses, infections and other conditions because of exposure to the bacteria and molds. There are the organisms that can be possibly fatal or cause chronic respiratory illnesses. A clog-free drain prevents these bacteria and fungi living. There is no need to worry about exposure because the factors needed for them to grow are taken away. This is why it’s essential to clear the water on the floor in the kitchen or toilet because it can cause damage and mold spread.


    Regardless of the preventive measures you may be doing for a regular drain cleaning, chances are, you will still experience the hassle of severe drain clog. Whether you want a tidy kitchen drain, or the value of a pipe cleared, an efficient, trusted, and professional service can give your plumbing and drain back to shape.

    A professional drain maintenance can prevent these problems from occurring and cut your expenses for a long term. There are several benefits to your family and your property by maintaining your drains clog-free and free to drainage. Don’t jeopardize the order in your home and resort to the expensive replacement cost just because of a sturdy clogged drain. It may be a small issue, but seriously clogged drains can be a plumbing hassle. 

    A regular drain cleaning of your drainage and pipes is an effective way to help keep your plumbing system from breakdowns and costly repairs. Contact 5 Star Plumbing today for more information about plumbing and drain cleaning services.