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What’s That Smell? Check Your Garbage Disposal

    No one can deny the important use of the garbage disposal in our kitchen. It makes many of our activities in the kitchen simple. The regular use of the appliance units, however, can at times lead to bad odors. When you have observed an unpleasant coming from your garbage disposal, don’t panic, it’s only temporary. Getting away from garbage disposal odor is definitely a difficult task. As a matter of fact, you may have everything you like for it in your kitchen, and the job won’t last for more than 10 minutes.

    A garbage disposal is designed to eliminate waste in the kitchen and keep your sink free of dirt and scraps. However, the bowels of the disposal usually collect a large collection of dirt and scraps after sometime, which can result  in a foul odor. There is no need to worry when things start to smell though. In some situations, the smell is a part of natural wear and tear, as food can easily get stuck beneath the lid and rot when not well ground.


    What’s that smell? Check your garbage disposal. Smelly kitchen sinks are very common in any home. Here are some possible causes for the odors you smell:

Mold and Bacteria

    The upper part of the rubber strainer edge may look tidy, but when you could see the underside, you would be very surprised. The warm, muggy environment of a kitchen sink drain is ideal for mold and bacteria to settle. Many disposals contain a lot of these microbes, which may be the top reason for your smelly garbage disposal.

Rotten Food and Grease

    Kitchen garbage disposals on sinks make it convenient to discard food down the drain. This is useful when cleaning up after meals, but rotting food scraps left behind in the sewer can make a foul odor.

Drain and Sewer Gases 

    Sinks that are properly designed and installed feature a trap, which control water and avoid sewer gases from coming out of the drain. There are a few issues that can prevent the trap from working properly, including a leaky vent, a dried up trap, or a clog in the drain vent . These problems may allow pipe gases to escape into your kitchen.


    There are some remedies at home that can help us get rid of garbage disposal odors. These tips should help you keep your kitchen and home clean and fresh. Make sure to coordinate with the manufacturer of the garbage disposal unit prior to doing any of these tips to ensure the conformity of the appliance.

Bleach. A bleach that is less strong, roman cleanser, or somewhat fragrant bleach spill to the garbage disposal together with running cold water doesn’t only help eliminate the odors from your sewers, but it will also help remove any clogged scraps of food.

Ice Cubes.  With the use of ice cubes, you can remove any foul odors that emanate from the garbage disposal. Ice  cubes won’t leave a pleasant smell unlike lemons, but as an additional benefit, the ice cube can actually polish the grinding edge.

Lemons. When you have lemons available, cut them into small pieces and then put them down the disposal when it’s crushing. You may do the similar thing with a fresh lime or orange as the citrus juice gets rid of the most strong smell. This is one of the most affordable ways to neutralize the foul odors.

Brush Clean. You can utilize a wire or dish brush to unload the particles inside the garbage disposal. You have to turn off and uninstall the unit before trying to put your hand or a tool into the garbage disposal unit. Take the precautionary measures. Don’t simply unplug it and disconnect the entire unit. Keeping your arm safe is worth the extra work.

Baking Soda and Vinegar. Unplug the garbage disposal and spill one cup of dry baking soda, together with a cup of distilled white vinegar, to help eliminate extreme odors. In a critical situation, vinegar can be utilized on its own in cool water.

Clean the Lid. Though it may seem apparent, you also need to unload the top of the garbage disposal lid with water, soap and a brush to eliminate food scraps. Not all odors emanate within the disposal unit.

Other Cleaning Products. Several companies manufacture different products to clean the sewer that are found in home improvement shops. Read in your customer’s manual before buying anything that might wear your garbage disposal unit.


    Below are the tips to keep your garbage disposal function properly and fight with the culprits of smelly kitchen sinks:

  • Regularly run water when turning on the disposal unit to avoid overheating. It is for this reason that cold water is highly recommended.

  • Sometimes put lemon peels or ice cubes down the sink in your kitchen. It first helps eliminate food gunks from the blades while leaving a fresh lemon scent.

  • Consistently run the disposal for at least five seconds after the grinding sounds subside. When you stop the blades right away, the food scraps will be left behind. These could begin to decay and give off a bad smell.

    Garbage disposal does not always mean to dispose of everything. Load inorganic particles, cooking grease, and most food scraps in the garbage bin. Be extra cautious about egg shells, carrot and potato peels, corn husks, celery stems, and coffee grounds. Some starchy, fibrous items can tangle themselves around the disposal blades and get stuck in the pipes, drawing other wastes and producing stronger odors.

    Once the sewer smells emanate from the sink in the kitchen, and weak drains and toilets that come with these foul smells, a clog in the drain vent could be the root cause of your trouble.The drain vents move towards into a single hole on the roof in most homes. Go up the roof and remove any leaves or other wastes you see clogging the unit vent.

    When your personal efforts in trying to fix and eliminate a smelly garbage disposal don’t work, the issue may be the internal components of the unit. Consider contacting a professional plumber to disconnect, uninstall, and clear the garbage disposal unit. With a new beginning, you’ll be set to start operating and maintaining your garbage disposal unit appropriately inside and out.

    To get a professional garbage disposal repair or cleaning service, contact 5 Star Plumbing today. They provide high quality plumbing services at a reasonable price. Provide your home kitchen appliances some TLC, too. Let the experts at  5 Star Plumbing do the job for you.


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