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What Causes My Toilet To Clog

A lot of homeowners face the uncomfortable and unpleasant toilet unclogging experience a little too often. The first question that often comes to their mind when that happens is ” What causes my toilet to clog?”  Having to unclog your toilet frequently is often a sign of a bigger plumbing issue happening with your vents that need an emergency repair. Most of these issues are difficult to detect and go unnoticed until a technician diagnoses your clogging issues.

At The 5 Star Plumbing, we have top plumbing experts who successfully handle clogged toilet issues every day. With their help, we have come forth with some of the issues that cause your toilet to clog. Read the lines that follow to learn more.

Low Flow Toilet.

If you live in an old home, you might be concerned with the low flow toilet issues. Low flow is an issue that is common in toilets of advanced age. These types of toilets use too little water when flushing and thus do not clear up the drain sufficiently, which often leads to an accumulation in the pipes. This accumulation is what causes your toilet logs.

To know if your toilet is one of those having low flow issues, take a look at its back and check the stamp date. If the toilet is from the nineties or any time prior, it is most likely, it has a low flow issue. The best thing to do in this case is to replace the old toilet with a brand new one. Before you decide on replacing your toilet, It is best to contact our experts to check your toilet and confirm that your toilet is indeed having low flow issues. Our technicians will also help you to replace the toilet if you need help.

Flushing Non-Flushable Items.

When you visit a hotel room, you often see a notice on the wall that requests that you do not throw some type of disposable in the toilet. That is because toilets are configured to evacuate only human waste and toilet paper and nothing else. Disposables such as cotton balls, wipes, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products are difficult to push down the drains. This, even for the most modern type of toilet.

In the situation where you have a clogged toilet due to a non-flushable disposable, you can use a plunger or auger to unclog it. If you have difficulties unclogging your toilet, feel free to contact one of our experts, who will provide you with professional unclogging services.

Clogged Toilet Trap.

When you look at your toilet’s structure, you will notice an s-shaped part that lies between the bowl and the drain. This S-shaped part is known as the trap. The trap helps to catch objects that could cause a clog in your toilet. Non-flushable items such as paper towels or wipes are some of these objects that can get stuck in the trap. Using an auger can help remove the stock objects in the trap. 

Blocked Toilet Vent.

All homes have a vent that connects to your home’s toilet through the roof. The role of this vent is to increase the pressure of flushes by letting air into your plumbing system. However, these vents can sometimes become blocked. When that unfortunately happens, the flushing pressure of your toilet is constantly impacted, and you end up with a clogged toilet.

To check whether your vent is blocked can be very difficult. If you do not perform the check properly, you might cause more harm to your home. To do so, you will have to climb to the roof and find where the vent is. Once you find the vent, open it and search for debris in it. You can use a stick or a water hose to take out any debris.

If you feel uncomfortable performing these vent cleaning yourself, get a technician to have it done professionally.

Clog in Sewer Line

When you flush your toilets, the items you flush take a whole journey to their final destination. However, non-flushable items do not always reach this final destination. When these items successfully cross the trap and the drain, they often end their journey trapped in the sewer line. This is the worst-case scenario when it comes to toilet clogs. When an item gets stuck in the sewer line, it causes a plumbing issue that could affect your whole home.

Should I Try Unclogging My Toilet DIY?

A clogged toilet is a huge concern that many homeowners try to solve by themselves as soon as possible. And unfortunately, most of these tries end up in a more complicated issue. The problem with DIY plumbing repair is that most homeowners do not often have the right tools to perform effective repairs. Thus, if you want to solve the problem of frequent clogs, instead of trying it DIY, contact a professional plumbing repair service.


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The 5 Star Plumbing is a long-established plumbing service that has been helping residential and commercial properties fix their plumbing issues. Our technicians are some of the best in the field and can find the most appropriate solutions to any plumbing problem you may have. If your toilet is clogged, they are the technicians you want to hire for a toilet clog repair service.

Our expert plumbers are available for plumbing repair services from Monday to Sunday, all year long. You can schedule an appointment today, and they will make it to your home quickly and solve your plumbing issues efficiently. Call us at (888) 909-0120  or us our online scheduling system to book a technician’s visit and get answers to any other additional questions you may have.


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