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The Grossest Things People Flush Down Their Drains

    It’s a known fact that plumbing is a messy work.  Most of us draw back at the thought of the gross sewage plumbing professional encounter regularly. Several experts have shared with us what they have pulled things you can expect from drains or pipes.

    A drain system plays a major part of your home, and it needs to be treated with great care. While it might seem like something you don’t usually have to be anxious about, there are several daily acts that could result in much more harm than good. In order to prevent clogged sinks or drains, and unnecessary drain maintenance services, we always need to be careful of what we pass through our drains. 

    As our plumbing system is functioning like it should, we usually don’t have a second thought about it. When we constantly disregard these things, we might be complacent and tolerate things to go down our drains that shouldn’t be. The worse thing is when problems don’t manifest, we might be too confident that we can carry on feeding other things down our drain. Considering this matter, let’s take a look at the grossest things people flush down their drains based on the experts:

Grease, Fats, and Oils

    Most of us must be guilty of pouring grease, fats, or oils  directly from your frying pan down to our kitchen sinks. These substances can cause different kinds of issues in our drainage. Oils do not blend with water, thus, it only floats on top of the water and can lead to a clogged drain or even worse bathtub once it builds up. After some time, it gets stuck causing a solid blockage. Spilling oils and other substances when hot is much worse as they can burn the external part of your drainage pipes that will not only make you spend for the drainage maintenance or repair services, but replacement as well. You can get away with this by looking for other ways to throw away these oils and substances such as composting.

Dirty Paper Towels and Cotton Balls

    Even though the toilet paper easily goes down the drain, doesn’t necessarily mean that all its parts will. Tissue papers are made to fall into pieces in pipes. Several different products that are typically made to hold to severe conditions will not do the same in others. These can possibly cause clogged drains that eventually results in overflows and backups in the pipes. While a product may be biodegradable as advertised does not always mean that it can pass smoothly through the drain. You should utilize this type of waste as compost or select other reusable alternatives.

Sanitary Napkins and Feminine Hygiene

    This might be obvious, but totally gross.  Please don’t.  Pulling these little stuff can cause quite the stink.  The sticky part holds to the sides and the absorbent layers bloat within your pipes.  Not to mention if you have a trench they usually block the pump, then your alarm blows up and panic happens later.  While, diapers are the grossest.  Have you ever seen a baby with falling sheath? Imagine that in a pipe that is only intended to flush away waste. And those wipes that make you feel fresh, but your pipes will suffer the consequences. That’s terrifying! Never ever feed any of this gross stuff unless you want a plumber to come for a paid visit.

Candle Waxes

    If your candle is almost used up and you like its container, never pour the remaining wax into your sink.  It definitely creates a plug in your system.  Once the expert plumbers send the snake down your pipe, what normally happens is it strikes a hole through the plug.  The nasty waxes that hold on the sides of the pipes and no pressure or amount of hot water will eliminate it. It requires the plumber special tools and equipment to eliminate the wax sticking to the sides of your pipes.  Mix the wax with the terrible stuff that is already sticking to your kitchen drain such as soap, grease, and food scraps, and then take them out.  It is already decayed and solid as a rock.  Your stomach may turn by simply imagining it.

Pets and Toys

    Now, this is where it gets extremely unpleasant.  In some toilet clog calls, few technicians have pulled barbie dolls covered in poop.  Obviously, it was a princess dung hot tub and at times the culprit at the bottom of the tub would take them away.  As usual, parents have to deal with that one. While some plumbers have experienced  other pretty gross stuff when drain lines build up sludge sometimes things that can impossibly go down the drain.  While other drain cleaning service calls are when the plumbers pulled the snake back through the dead body of a poor goldfish. Just leave it visual with you while there is no need to describe the smell. It might be more disgusting.

Flour, Bones, and Egg Shells

    These clogs can also include some ingredients used to prepare several common dishes at home. It is common for most people to put them down the sink after eating before washing dishes. Your plates with leftovers need to be cleaned out in the trash container first before going into the washer or sink. These foods usually expand when  water penetrates them, creating some kind of sticky substance that will block your sink and drain.

Dental Flosses

    Don’t you think that dental floss is pretty tough? When you dislodge it down the toilet or sink, it has a big chance to get stranded on things and stick pretty tight. Furthermore, it doesn’t decay easily, and when it gets stuck, it stays there for the long haul. When you floss your teeth, which we are certain you do at least twice everyday, please do your drain a favor to throw it properly. If you don’t have garbage bins in your bathrooms and kitchen, then perhaps it’s high time to get one.

    When you spare your drain from all these things, you are not only taking care of your environment and property, but also save money in the long run. By paying attention to what you put down your drain and sink, you will not have to suffer from the expensive fees for needless drain cleaning services.

     In case of emergency, contact 5 Star Plumbing for any residential and commercial drain cleaning services. See for yourself our state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment.

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