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Signs Your Water Heater Not Working Properly

A broken water heater is a great hassle and pretty much an emergency for any household. Considering the high workload a water heater has over its lifespan, it is natural for it to eventually break down. All of a sudden, of course. Generally, cold water running out of your hot water dispenser is a major sign of a water heater failure, but here are some other signs it’s not working properly:

It’s Old

Thing is, most homeowners are unaware of when their water heater expires. While it may normally last for about a decade, some people significantly exceed a lifespan recommended by a manufacturer. If you’re not sure how old your water heater is, check its serial number indicated on the manufacturer’s sticker that is usually placed in the upper half of the tank.

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Discolored Water

With pipes and water tanks made of steel, rust can be a common reason for leakage and other related issues. But here’s the tricky part: it’s usually hard to tell whether the rust comes from a water heater or straight out of pipes. If your water pipes are galvanized, rust could build up inside as they age. Therefore, you may notice water getting discolored. However, if you detect rust around the water pressure relief valve on the water heater, that’s a major sign the rust has also built up inside the tank. If that’s the case, replace the tank as soon as possible.

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 It’s Noisy

After thousands of heating cycles, sediment begins to thicken up at the aging tank bottom, which results in rumbling sounds coming from a working water heater. Good news is, there’s a simple tip extending a water heater’s life cycle – it has to be flushed once a year. By doing this, you drain the sediment from the tank, which will prevent it from leakage and therefore, extend its lifespan. It is highly recommended to have a licensed plumbing professional do the flushing. If a tank still makes the buzzing noise, you may unfortunately want to consider a water heater replacement

 It Leaks

If you see some water, it could mean that there is a leak. It depends on where you have the water heater installed in your household, a water leak may result in serious damage in your home. The biggest problem would be a major leak with your water heater. The leaks are often the result of the growth of the metal in the tank. These growths take place over time as the internal part of the tank goes through thousands of heating cycles. When water leaks are evident in either of those parts, there could be an issue with fittings, in which case you will need to have an expert visit and check the issue. If the connections and fittings do not have signs of leaks, the tank itself is most likely the problem. You can resolve the former issue with some adjustments, while tank leaks have no solution. Thus, if the water is leaking straight from the tank, it’s high time to replace your water heater.

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 Water Heater Not Heating

When the water is just not as hot as it used to be, there might be an issue with the electrical thermostat, which can be re-adjusted. If the water is nothing but ice cold, the reason roots in your water heater’s broken heating component. Water heater repair should be enough to resolve the problem.

If you are having water heater issues, don’t panic and get in touch with our team to let professionals handle the problem.

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