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Important Signs You Need a Faucet Replacement

Plumber Performing a Faucet Replacement

Your bathroom and kitchen faucets receive a lot of use as one of the toughest operating equipment in your house. You need trustworthy faucets in your house for several reasons, including washing your hands and cleaning the plates. A malfunctioning faucet may rapidly throw your daily routine out of sync, so it’s critical to repair a worn-out faucet soon, or get a faucet replacement.

Several indicators determine whether to change a bathroom or kitchen faucet. Check for these warning signals to determine whether your faucet is broken, requires fixes, or if it needs a faucet valve replacement.

Indications That You Need to Acquire a New Faucet


Several people question how frequently bathroom faucets should be updated or how long they should last; sadly, the solution is not that straightforward. You may require a faucet replacement within your house or building for several reasons. When any of the problems that we are about to mention arise, it is important to supplant your faucet before encountering these significant plumbing dilemmas in your vicinity:

Growing Amount of Grime, Mineral, and Rust Deposits

  • One clue that a faucet needs to be replaced is the presence of rust, dirt, or several other mineral deposits. These compounds are one of the most prevalent causes of faucet damage, particularly if left unattended for an extended time. You might need a faucet washer replacement too.

Faucet Keeps on Spitting (Sputtering)

  • Water spewing out rather than pouring out in a continuous stream is another clue that a faucet in the sink or bathtub needs to be replaced. A blocked aerator, which refers to the screen-like element surrounding the faucet’s tip, is most likely to blame for a faucet’s inability to create a beautiful stream. If the blockage is severe, replacing the faucet is necessary, which could save you some faucet replacement cost.

Non-stop Dripping of Faucets


  • A dripping faucet, even when the handle is turned off, might indicate that the valves or pipes are faulty and must be replaced. Your taps may leak accidentally whenever your pipes have a greater than typical water pressure. A leaky faucet may not appear to be a huge concern, but it can cause major water damage at the faucet’s base or below the basin. Check out our faucet aerator replacement works as well.

Squeaking Faucet Handles and Other Observable Issues 

  • Whenever the handle or different parts of your bathroom or kitchen faucet become broken and stop operating correctly (or if you have a leaking faucet), it might be necessary to replace them. Defective handles may squeal, suggesting that the faucet stem has now become too worn out for usage. This issue may be fixed by coating the handle stem with plumber’s grease. However, remember that a decaying faucet can quickly lead to more difficulties if not changed.

Faucet Handles, or the Faucet Itself, are Leaking 

  • Faucets may leak in various areas, and they can spill out through the base, the handles, and even the pipes beneath. Some leaking faucets may be fixed by tightening or changing certain elements, but more often than not, employing a faucet replacement for the entire system is far easier and could even save you some finances soon.

If you notice mold building up around the faucet, look for leaks immediately. Some leaks, such as pipes or kitchen sink leaks, might lie undetected for weeks. This can lead to mold development before you even realize there is a leak.

Why is it Necessary to Hire a Professional Plumber?


Aside from repairing any problems that might lead to costly damage, there are other benefits to installing a new faucet for your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, such as:

  • Enhance the Faucet’s Appearance: A brand new faucet for your bathroom or kitchen, particularly modern taps in many shapes and colors, can enhance the visual appearance of the space.
  • Save Financial Resources on Water Bills: Since modern faucet types are more efficient than their older counterparts, they consume less water and can lower your monthly water cost.
  • Boost the Value of Your House: When you’re looking to sell your house, getting new faucets adds substantial value and renders it more enticing to potential buyers.
  • Increase Functionality: Advanced and modern faucets today offer even more features than in the past. Touch controls, swivels, and pullouts will improve the usability of your faucets.

Getting Expert Plumbers to Set Up Your New Faucet


5 Star Best Plumbing’s expert plumbers can effortlessly provide a faucet replacement, so you can get your new faucet promptly running again. We also provide reasonable prices, so customers won’t have to get that faucet replaced. We are excited to collaborate with you!

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