How To Deal With Sewer Line Backups
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How To Deal With Sewer Line Backups

Sewer Line Backups in your home is an indication that you have a clog in your main sewage system. A sewer line clog is an issue that you should leave unattended; it must be repaired right away. Since your home’s wastewater contains microorganisms, clogged pipes and sewer line backup pose a health and safety concern to you and your family.

To prevent a clogged sewer line or sewer backup situation from becoming unmanageable, turn off the main water line to your property as soon as you observe a water pond in your property. Doing so may obstruct your day a little, but it is for the best. Immediately you have turned off the waterline, contact our experts who will take care of the problem. The sooner you get a technician to diagnose and treat the problem, the sooner you can get back to your busy schedule.

Find The Main Water Shut-off Valve

In residential homes, there is no defined location for the main water shut-off valve. To find your valve, you will first have to identify your water meter, as the main water line shut-off valve is usually close to it. If your home is located in a cold area, the water line should enter your home from a hole in the foundation. You will find the water meter by simply following the pipe. When you find it, look for the shut-off valve and close it tight.

In warmer climates, the water meter is often installed outside. The meter is positioned close to an exterior faucet. If you turn off the water in your home and it doesn’t help, try shutting down the water from the street meter. To close the shutdown valve on the street, you will need to use a crescent wrench as well as a screwdriver. You will have to lift the ground cover with a screwdriver and close the main water supply valve with the crescent wrench.

Determine What Are Your Options

Try to find the cause of the problem before beginning any plumbing repair project in your house. The problem might be as insignificant as getting hair out of a drain or as humongous as getting tree roots out of your sewage system. Finding out what the issue is will help you understand the next step to take. It also sometimes happens that the problem might be for the city to solve. An example is when you have water flowing up from a manhole near your property. If that is your scenario, contact your city authorities to know if they will take care of the situation. They might send someone to handle the problem depending on the city where you live. 

When people notice a problem, such as a clogged drain in their plumbing system, they are tempted to use a liquid drain cleaner to fix it. We recommend not to use it if you are dealing with standing water. They are highly caustic and can be harmful to your system and to you too. To avoid any accident, we recommend calling our experts to solve your sewer line clog issue. It is better to have our professionals do such jobs. They have the right tools to take care of the issue. Trust our experts instead of trying a risky repair that might cause more damage.

Get A Specialist To Solve The Problem. 

The 5 Star Plumbing expert plumbers bring their A-game when called to perform any plumbing services in the city. We offer perfectly executed and highly reliable plumbing services at the best prices in the market. Our innovative and up-to-date plumbing repair techniques coupled with our state-of-the-art tools help us to solve any issue your system might encounter.

Once our technicians come to your home for a main sewer line clog issue, they will start by inserting a camera into your pipes to determine what causes the obstruction. It sometimes happens that the entire pipe is shattered or crushed. Unexpected foreign things such as little toy cars, dentures, and pacifiers are also sometimes the reason for the clogging. In the worst-case scenario, it might be tree roots that are thirsty for water that cause the clogs.

Once our experts have determined the cause of the clog, they will decide on the best approach to fix the problem. Often, if the issue is not too critical, they might use a cable to locate the clog and breakthrough it. Once the cable breaks through the obstruction, water begins to flow again. On the other hand, if the problem is critical, our experts will get special equipment conceived to fix such problems. At the end of the day, they will deliver you the main sewer line that functions perfectly.

Trenchless sewer line repair is a technique that allows our experts to repair your sewer line backup problem without having to dig holes in your yard. These techniques enable us to perform two distinct services: replace broken or old pipes and mending or strengthening old pipes.

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