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A pipe camera for inspection

Sewer lines are installed under the foundation of your home, beneath a concrete slab measuring about 4 to 5 inches thick and about 2 feet or so of dirt above the pipe. To properly inspect the pipes and to be able to identify possible issues, plumbers with cameras are best suited in this situation.

Pipe camera inspection has brought a lot of difference when it comes to providing quality and effective plumbing services for your home. Using a camera that is attached to a flexible cable that is inserted into the main sewer line cleanout, or in some cases, the stack and snaked through the pipes. Then the plumber can watch on a ground-level monitor to see what is going on with the pipes.

When To Consider A Sewer Camera Inspection


A sewer cam inspection is a proactive solution and prevents other issues from happening, which can lead to damages and costly repairs. With that being said, there are different situations in which you will need an inspection camera to check the situation thoroughly.

  • Old Homes: Most homes over 20 years old are at risk of having a problem with their sewage system. If your home was built before the installation of the city sewer line, your sewage piping might still be connected to a cesspool.
  • Unpleasant Smell: Every homeowner wants a fresh-smelling and clean home. However, it can be changed when the plumbing system isn’t in its prime condition. There are indications that you can’t just shrug off, especially if it is something you can smell. If you are dealing with a sewage smell in your home, it is a clear sign that something is going on.
  • Increased Water Bill: If the water consumption hasn’t changed, or you have encountered a surge in your water bill, it could mean there are leaks in the plumbing pipes or the faucets that you don’t know about. Check the pipes and faucets to see if there are any leaks that you need to fix. However, if you can’t locate the source of the issue, that could mean it is not visible to you.
  • Slow Drains: Commercial drain cleaners and declogging agents may work for some time, but they are not permanent solutions. Calling the plumbers for help is the best solution that you can do. Experts also use an inspection camera to see the deepest part of the sewer line. Over the years, the tree roots can find their way to the pipes, put a hole and block the flow.
  • Mold and Water Damage: Another clear indication that you need a professional plumber for a pipe camera inspection in Los Angeles is when you notice mold forming in different areas of your home. Aside from the molds, you will likely notice signs of water damage to your home’s foundation and walls.
  • Purchasing A New Home: Buying a new home is an expensive undertaking, so the last thing you want is to have a completely new sewer installation just a few months before moving in. Schedule a pipe inspection camera before purchasing to ensure that you won’t be having a problem soon.

Advantages of a Pipe Inspection Camera


The newest technology, the pipe camera inspection, has brought many advantages for plumbers to deliver quality service. These tools can give them more information about the situation of the sewer and drain system. This knowledge can help in the future or even in any immediate repairs.

  • Can Be Preventive Tool: As a homeowner, there’s nothing worse than not knowing your home’s condition on what repairs might be needed. Unlike the water heater or the kitchen appliance, you can’t inspect the sewer pipes visually. At least not in the same way as the inspection camera, this visual assessment is possible
  • Home Appraisal and Inspection: When buying a new home, it just makes sense to invest in a home inspection. An inspector may find things that the average home buyer or even an experienced realtor may not. Before a pipe camera inspection in Los Angeles, the drain’s condition was primarily a guessing game and may only be based on the seller’s word. A pre-purchase visual inspection will have nothing to change.
  • No Need To Dig Up: When there is a leak, finding it can be difficult. The moist soil isn’t always located above the leak. Different kinds of soil or elevation can make the water far away from the source of the issue. This problem can lead to unnecessary digging to find a leak, and there is no guarantee that it’s the only one once you find it. Using a pipe camera inspection, the technicians can locate the leaks before any digging begins. At the same time, this will also help to clean if there are any clogs that are detected by using hydro jetting.

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