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New Homeowners Should Consider Plumbing Inspection to Prevent This Disaster

    It is essential to make sure you conduct a home inspection before purchasing your new home. Regardless you are constructing your new house or buying an existing property from the present homeowner. A detailed plumbing inspection helps guarantee that everything is in good working conditions and identify the potential issues.

    Most new or prospective home buyers will request for a property inspection prior to closing the property deal, and this significant inspection can give you the necessary information about the status and condition of the property. But this type of inspection will not provide everything that you must know about the plumbing system inside and outside the property. Therefore, new homeowners should consider plumbing inspection to prevent these disasters:

    Low Water Pressure

    Low water pressure can be a clear sign of a more serious plumbing problem. It also can become a major hindrance for the entire plumbing system to work efficiently and properly. This issue is normally a result of more complicated plumbing problems such as damaged sewer lines, corroded water pipe, hidden water leaks, clogged drain or sewer in your new home. 


    Clogged Water Drain

    Issues in the drainage system aren’t just on plumbing, but they can also be health problems, too. They must be dealt with as soon as they are observed. One gradual or blocked drain usually indicates that a big problem is concentrated in that specific area of the new house. The drains get stuck by several materials such as food scraps, hairs, plastics, soaps, and other things that could fall into the drain. 


    Water Heater Issue

    New homes should have hot water so when there is a water heater issue, it can result in bigger plumbing issues. If water heaters are not giving sufficient hot water it’s a big issue which could indicate that there must be improper water heater installation or the inappropriate size and type of plumbing system to meet the required outputs of your home, corrosion or sediment accumulation in the systems, heating features malfunction, or loose electrical wiring connections.


    Leaking Water Pipe

    A leaking pipe can indicate several plumbing system issues that need immediate repair. They are generally due to pipe joint breaks, stubborn clogs, pipe corrosion, or inappropriate water piping. Whatever the cause is, the issues can affect all the other parts of your home leaving you with broken pipes to major leaks. All of these issues can cause serious water damage. 


    Dripping Faucets 

    A dripping faucet is frustrating but risk-free. Wasteful and expensive, it’s also a sign that a serious plumbing problem is hidden. If noticed earlier, a minor fix could be a new washer. Those can break down over time and are easily changed. However, when you overlook or disregard them, corrosion may take place. 


    Running Toilets

    This is one of those disasters that you may find more irritating than complicated. Actually, it can get very complicated quickly. Not to mention, a running toilet is very wasteful, with around 200 gallons per day squandered. Running toilets could be a glaring sign of a broken flapper seal or flush valve, loose or rusty toilet handles, refill tube issues, and incorrectly sized flapper chains. 


   Preparation for Plumbing Before Moving In

    Many new homeowners will get the information from the inspection. While some will make immediate repairs and conduct specific services before moving in. For instance, when upgrading the pipes is recommended, a new homeowner may have it done first before moving in to spare themselves from any hassles to their daily lives in their new home. You can go over your plumbing inspection to identify if any services are recommended that may be conducted before you transfer into your new home. Although a plumbing inspection is not a requirement, it is practically important. When you are interested in knowing more about the benefits of a plumbing inspection or booking an appointment for an inspection, you can contact a plumber immediately.

    It is essential to request for regular plumbing inspections and apply preventative measures to keep your  plumbing system function efficiently. You may also examine why plumbing inspections are highly recommended for new homeowners and what you should expect during the plumbing inspection for the first time. 


    The Benefits of Plumbing Inspections

    While you like to cut costs by doing minor home repairs yourself, there are several benefits to having an expert plumber inspect your home, rather than trying to check everything yourself. An experienced plumbing inspector can use their expertise and identify the issues that you would have never identified  when you had tried to do it yourself. 

    With regard to plumbing, the amount of money you will save on repairs down the road includes paying an expert to check your plumbing system. That is one thing homeowners should remember more than anything else. When it comes to your home plumbing system, do not wait until something gets worse to have it repaired. There are a several clear signs to look into  when your plumbing manifest some issue that can include:

  • gurgling sounds from the toilet 
  • noisy pipes behind the walls 
  • water supply loss
  • slow draining in sinks or bathtub
  • overflowing water in basins 
  • unpleasant odor from faucets or toilets 

    Plumbing Inspection Takeaways

    A full plumbing inspection must be completed by a professional plumber, and you will be provided with a detailed report after the inspection is carried out. Although a home inspection will provide you the status about the superficial plumbing system of your new home, a full plumbing inspection is more practical and comprehensive in order to prevent some plumbing disasters. You can spot more about possible water leaks and their sources, the status of the water lines, how gray the pipes are, what the pipes are made out of and other important data of the new property.

    Your new home may be the biggest investment you will ever make. A thorough plumbing inspection provides you with critical information you must know before buying a new house.

    5 Star Plumbing is dedicated to providing quality plumbing and plumbing inspection services in the country. We have a team of licensed plumbers ready to professionally assess your plumbing system and provide you affordable and practical solutions. A full plumbing inspection is conducted both inside and outside of your new home. You can guarantee that you’re in good hands with 5 Star Plumbing.