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Are your plumbing system and fixtures ready for the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is one of the most important sports events in the United States. It is the only sporting event that unites all the country, and that is considered an unofficial public holiday. During these days, millions of people come together at the field, in homes, bars and many other places to watch the competition and celebrate. This huge gathering is usually a challenge for residential and commercial plumbing systems with heavy consequences during and after the big day. Therefore, for those planning to host the party in their homes and for commercial establishments that will hold Super Bowl events, it is very important to get your plumbing systems ready for the D-day. This preparation requires you to take some preventive measures that will protect your plumbing installation and guarantee the comfort of your guest and family. Together, we will look at some of these Super Bowl plumbing preventive actions that will help keep your plumbing in good condition during and after the game.

The preventive measures we are going to discuss will focus on two areas that correspond to the main plumbing installation of your home and business; The bathroom or toilets and the kitchen. For each area, we will present the risks for your plumbing during the Super Bowl and the actions you can take to prevent them. Let’s start by looking at how to prepare your kitchen plumbing for the Super Bowl and protect it from damage.


How To Get Your Kitchen Plumbing Ready For The Super Bowl.


We start with the kitsch because it is the area of your home and plumbing system that often suffers the most damage in residential properties during the game. Fortunately, there is a way to celebrate the biggest game of the year without causing any damage to your kitchen’s plumbing installations. Follow our experts’ recommendations hereunder and secure the good functioning of your plumbing system.

 Take Care Of Your Draining System.

The first and foremost victim of super bowl home events is often draining systems. The Super Bowl is not only about watching a game; it is also about sharing special time with family and friends around delicious meals and drinks. Organizing and living these convivial moments is often what causes damages to our draining system.

Do Not Let Grease Into Your Drain.

The first danger for your drain is grease. During the game, most of the food we consume is greasy. We are talking here about fried chicken wings, pizza, pigs in blankets and many other dishes. During the cooking of these dishes and the cleaning of the plates, we often pour grease into our drains, which causes important damage to the draining system.  

So, to protect against any damage due to grease, we recommend limiting the amount of greasy water you pour down the drain. When washing up, during your cooking and after your meals, clean the grease in your plates using a paper towel first to remove the grease before washing them. If you are going to have too many people and removing grease with a paper toilet will require too much paper, we suggest you use plastic plates instead of regular plates during your Super Bowl home event.

Be careful with your garbage and garbage disposal.

Another danger for your Draining system is garbage. During the game, you have guests and family in your home who do not always know how to dispose of garbage in your home. That is why in many homes, after the Super Bowl, homeowners often face clogged drains. Guests throw huge amounts of garbage into the garbage disposal and created an accumulation that clogged the drain. 

By providing your guests with trash cans and placing them in visible and accessible areas, you can prevent the garbage from ending up in your garbage disposal and drains. Do not forget to inform your guests where the trash cans are and ask them to dispose of all their garbage in them. 

Finally, when it comes to kitchen plumbing safety, water distribution and plumbing fixtures are two things you should not forget to secure, especially if you have kids around for the Super Bowl event. Try to limit the access to water fixtures to kids and supervise them when they are next to them. It is not rare for homeowners to call us for broken fixtures such as taps during the Super Bowl. Also, locate your water shut-off valve to act quickly in case an accident occurs.


How To Get Your Bathroom Plumbing Ready For The Super Bowl


The halftime period of the super bowl is when bathrooms all over the country are the most used. That is the period when all the NFL fans run to lighten themselves before the musical show begins. The problem here is that, in a hurry, many people are not careful about what they throw into the toilets. That is what leads to having clogged toilets. Here are some things you can do to prevent guests from clogging your toilet or causing any other serious damage.

Change Your Toilet Paper.

This first measure might sound funny but will save you a lot of money. One of the things that clog toilets the most is toilet paper. They are extensively used during the Super Bowl halftime. Since there are chances that your guests will use a lot of toilet paper, it is wise, and we recommend you change your four-ply toilet paper to a two-ply just for the game night.

Get Rid Of Any Item That Could Clog Your Toilet.

A lot of bathrooms have some products laying around that, if thrown into the toilet, can cause harm to the whole system. Some of these products, such as wipes, cotton pads, and many other small objects, can cause your toilet to clog and be very difficult and expensive to fix.  

Get Your Plunger Ready For The Super Bowl.

It is not always guaranteed that you will not face any troubles with your plumbing, even when very careful. That is why you need to prepare yourself in case an accident happens. There are two main things you need to have with you in case you have a clogged drain or toilet. The first thing is a plunger. When it comes to toilet plumbing issues, a plunger always comes in handy. In case you are not able to fix your toilet with a plunge, you can try to use drain  products. Plunger and drain uncloggers are the two main things you should have in your bathroom before the game day.


All the tips given above are to prevent your plumbing system from encountering serious issues during the game. However, as we mentioned above, they do not guarantee that you will not face any issues at all. The fact is, you will hardly be able to monitor every person in your home during the game to ensure they treat your plumbing well. That brings us to our last point, always having the number of a reliable plumbing service to emergency plumbing issues.

5 Star Plumbing Provides You Emergency Plumbing Service.

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