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Is It Time to Repipe Your Home?

    Repiping your home is a huge investment, so it is important to know when it is needed or when a smaller repair may be appropriate. Below, is a quick overview of the process and what are the signs indicating when to have a full repiping project to your home.

What Is Repiping?

    Repiping means replacement of either a single pipe or your entire plumbing system, including both water supply and drain lines. A standard full-house repipe can take days to repair, depending on the size of your home, how many levels it has, and your chosen pipe material. During a repipe service, plumbers will make strategic cuts in your drywall, completely replace the aged or old pipes, reinstall the removed drywall, and patch it to eradicate any signs of damage or alteration to your home.

The Importance of Repiping

    Every home experiences frequent plumbing problems, that is why it is very important to maintain your current plumbing system in an efficient, working condition so that you would be able to avoid costly repairs in the coming days. If your house is more than 50 years old and the original pipes still run through it, a full house repiping is a must!

    The pipes installed in older homes are made usually of iron pipes coated with zinc. Throughout the years, the inside lining starts to wear down when the iron part gets exposed to water effects. As a result, more oxidizing and rusting will take place. Over time when more of the sections of the iron pipes are exposed, the rusting to your pipe will keep transpiring. So the rusting is the problem and not the iron piping lines coated with zinc as you presumed. Also, the materials contained in the zinc coating are potentially toxic. When the zinc-coated iron pipes start rusting, they release those rust residues in your water. As a result of that, you and your family will consume the water that could appear clean but already contain dissolved contaminants or metals in it.

     The bad news is that you will have to replace those pipes sooner or later. The good news is that highly skilled repipe experts can do the job quickly and efficiently, fully restoring the quality of your piping system in no time.

     Nowadays, new technologies have emerged to substitute the outdated and old plumbing systems. Do not forget that your piping system also requires an upgrade at some point since it was hidden under the ground for several years already.

    That is why repiping is extremely important, and it should not wait until you detect a leak. Do not miss any warning signs that indicate your pipes are already rotting, such as the weird taste on your tap water, yellow-colored water, or reducing water demands. To check your water pressure, turn on many faucets in your home, and watch for a significant reduction in the water pressure. Make sure to check your showers, sinks, and outside faucets turning the taps on simultaneously.

When Is the Best Time To Repipe Your Home?


   Some of the most common reasons when should you need to repipe your home include:

  1. Your Pipes are Old & Unsafe

    If your home is 50 years old or older and you have never replaced its pipes since you purchased it, there is a good chance that you will need to have it done soon. Galvanized pipes were most often installed in old homes, and these types of pipes are known to wear out and deteriorate when aged.

  1. You Have Had Multiple Pipe Leaks

    You may be tempted to fix or patch a leak or replace only a single section of pipe to save you more money. While this may work in a short period, the leaky pipe is made of the same material to the other pipes in your home, meaning that the same problem could be developed anytime in your home’s plumbing system. Repiping services will give you peace of mind and prevent the worsening of the leaks.

  1. Your Home Has Low Water Pressure

    If water doesn’t come out of your faucets as fast as it used to, it could be that your pipes are closing up due to rust or mineral buildup. The buildup like this takes a long time to accumulate, so it’s a good indication that your pipes are old and will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Water Discoloration

    Some types of pipes can rust over the years. This rust will come off into your water supply and appear and turn your tap water to a reddish, yellowish, or brownish color. In this case, repiping your home’s plumbing system is important because not only are your pipes old, but the quality of your water is unsafe anymore for you and your family.

  1. Have A Bad Taste Or Smell


    Like discoloration to the water, bad tasting or smelly water is potentially unsafe and putting you and your family in danger. If you do not trust to drink with your tap water anymore, it is the right time to call a certified plumber to repipe your entire plumbing system. 

  1. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

    Does your shower switch from icy cold to unbearably hot easily? There is a great chance that oxidized materials have broken off inside your pipe and jammed the device or valve inside regulating your water temperature. Replacing your pipes should resolve this problem.

  1. Makes Bang & Thud Noises






    If your pipes are making a rattling, clanking, banging, or making other annoying sounds, that’s a sign of a larger problem. Let your pipes be inspected as soon as possible so you don’t end up with a major leak problem.

Repipe Your Home With The Experts of 5 Star Plumbing

    If your faulty pipes give you so much trouble and stress, and you wanted to repipe your entire home’s plumbing systems, you should only hire a trusted and well-respected contractor like 5 Star Plumbing, to ensure that the job is done right efficiently and promptly. Our team of certified plumbers can quickly identify the source of any plumbing problem and recommend the best solution that is best for you and your family.

    When you choose us to repipe your home, we will take special care to protect your properties and keep a minimal demolition job. Within a few days after our service, you will see a huge difference in the quality of your water and possibly decrease your monthly water bill consumption. Call us to request a service today!

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