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How Your Plumbing Can Save The Environment

On Earth Day, people all over the globe will be joining together in eco-friendly activities to help save and preserve the environment. That includes us as well. Here we have a few plumbing-related home development ideas you can start today to help your home become more energy-efficient all year-round. The focus for Earth Day in the plumbing industry is all about improving energy efficiency, conserving water, and reducing waste and pollution. Not a small task, but one that is highly significant for the future of our planet.

As we renovate homes and establishments or when we build new structures, we constantly look for ways to have comfortable living or workspace while reducing our environmental impact. Solar panels and energy-efficient appliances are becoming standard in new homes, and building regulations. While these products do a great job of reducing energy usage, you can also make your plumbing systems more eco-friendly? Aside from just reducing your impact on the environment, these changes can help you save money and time.

Here’s a short, but effective list to get started with:

Sustainable Water Pipes

Sustainable Water Pipes

You have to make sure your pipes have the right size for their purpose and are made of eco-friendly materials so it will improve water pressure, minimize leakage, and reduce heat loss from the hot water supply. Steel or PEX pipes (cross-linked polyethylene pipe) sufficiently maintain heat and will last longer, reducing the need for new materials. If you are using plastic or copper pipes, you can add relatively cheap pipe insulators to reduce heat loss by 80%. If you insulate your pipes properly, you will need less energy to heat your water, which is more eco-friendly.


Eco-Friendly Toilets

Eco-Friendly Toilets

Eco-friendly toilets are a great way to help preserve the environment and can significantly reduce your water bill. Some environment-friendly toilets use 20% to 60% less water compared to their standard counterparts, so they will also save you money on your water bill. Some recent models do not lose any of the utility of older toilets, but will significantly reduce water consumption. Some have features in which you can select the amount of water flow based on your current need. This ensures that your toilet operates well, while also being as environmentally friendly as possible.


low-flow fixtures

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Installing low-flow fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen will help you consume less water on your daily use. These fixtures aerate or vibrate the water to make less water seem like more. With the help of a pressure mechanism, low-flow toilets work just as well as old faucets but reduce the amount of water consumed by hundreds or even thousands of gallons each year. Newer faucets produce enough water pressure with less water output. These fixtures are inexpensive and easy to install. In addition to reducing water consumption, like the other options, this eco-friendly solution also decreases utility costs.



Energy Efficient Water Heater

The majority of the water used in your home passes through your water heater. Installing an energy-efficient water heater will help you save on electrical and water bills considering the amount of water you use regularly. As water heaters age, they often become inefficient because of leaks, poor insulation, or faulty components. New water heaters come in a variety of energy-efficient options such as tankless water heaters. They save space and work by rapidly heating the water as it passes through an exchanger. On average, they are about 22% more efficient than conventional water heaters. You would think that the tank-type water heater would be unavailable on the market. But with the rapidly evolving technology, those water heaters are now back on the market and are more efficient than their old designs. If you’re not ready for a new water heater, simply adjust its temperature or turn off your water heater all together if you are away or not using it. This quick and easy step will help you save money. 


Outdoor Water System


Outdoor Water System

Gardens and landscaping account for 30% of the water used in the United States, so water conservation in this area is very significant. There are eco-friendly outdoor watering systems that can still enable you to maintain a beautiful, attractive, and cost-effective landscape. You can install an outdoor tank to collect rainwater to use for landscaping. Sprinkler systems that program watering time, so that it will efficiently supply the vegetation with water without waste. Finally, drip systems are the best way to water plants crops compared to the spray system.


Drainage pipes


Cleaning Solutions

Drainage pipes are essential to every home as they remove waste and supply water throughout your home, and since drainage pipes function non-stop, they need cleaning at the very least every month or so. To clean drainage pipes, most homeowners rely on traditional drainage products. These off-the-shelf products have a key active ingredient called sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda or lye. Sodium hydroxide is a toxic chemical that causes problems in the environment. To help the environment and maintain drainage pipes, invest in eco-friendly drainage products. Try Unique Natural, Earthworm, Home Solv, and Biokleen. These eco-friendly drainage cleaners cost roughly the same as conventional cleaners.




Repair Pipe Leaks

Having your pipes examined for leaks by a local plumber should be a priority. If there are any, it will increase your water bills. Though small drips may not look serious, they will continue to increase your water bill, and if neglected, may cause even greater problems. Then you will have to spend more money on water damage and extensive plumbing repairs, which could have been easily avoided. This is one simple method that helps protect the environment and your home. It’s always a good idea to look out for signs of any plumbing problems and for ways to save water.


These tasks are really simple, yet effective in reducing your utility bills and helping the environment. It’s always helpful when doing something good for the environment and has certain benefits for you. Green plumbing is not as complicated as you think. With the right fixtures, appropriate appliances, and proper plumbing, you can help protect the environment.

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