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How To Remove Limescale From Your Bathroom.

Limescale is an ugly and unhygienic sight that we see a little too often on our plumbing fixtures. Where does this terrible-looking element in our home come from, and how to remove it from our fixtures? That is the question that millions of people having limescale on their fixtures try to answer. Today, 5 Star plumbing has decided to answer these questions. Read on and learn how to remove limescale from your bathroom.

If you have ever had limescale on your taps, you must have noticed the strong resemblance it has to chalk on a board. It is something that you can scratch out with your nails even though it is not recommended. Indeed, limescale is very similar to chalk in the sense that it is an accumulation of calcium carbonate that builds up on your fixtures, walls and other equipment. They appear when hard water with a very high concentration of minerals evaporates from a surface. That is why you will often find limescale on taps, sinks, showerheads, plugs and bathtubs. 

Apart from the bathroom, you can also find limescale in the kitchen. Appliances and equipment such as hot water boilers, kettles and pipes often face limescale build-up.

How Dangerous is Limescale for my Plumbing fixtures and System?

Because limescale can build up in almost every part of your plumbing system, it has the ability to completely paralyze your system and cause real damage to your installations. 

The danger limescale brings to your system depends on the level of accumulation it has reached. Limescale that begins to accumulate in and around your taps and showerheads can cause water flow restrictions and considerably reduce the efficiency of your plumbing system water distribution. 

On a larger scale, a build-up of limescale can cause a complete blockage of water flow. An incident that could have a terrible effect on your everyday life. You might face serious hygiene problems like a toilet flushing system limited flow restriction that will prevent your toilet from flushing properly. Also, with water clogging, limescale will greatly impact your taps, showers and other hygiene procedures.

The final danger limescale has on your home is the increase in your utility bills. Due to the low water flow resulting from a limescale accumulation, you will find yourself using your taps more often than usual, resulting in high bills.

What About The Effect of Limescale on My Family’s Health?

Limescale, in little quantity, does not represent a threat to your health or that of your family. Moreover, remember that limescale is just a build-up of calcium, therefore apart from dry skin, there is not much harm it can cause to your health. If you have dry skin due to hard water, all you have to do is use a moisturizing soap.


How To Remove Limescale


There are two ways to remove limescale: using specially made products or using homemade solutions. For safety and to ensure your family stays healthy, we decided to show you healthy ways to remove limescale from your bathroom. The main ingredients to achieve that will be lemon, vinegar, and baking soda. You will also need elastic bands, old clothes and a spray bottle. Do you have all the necessary equipment to remove limescale from your bathroom? Let’s get started.


Remove Limescale From Your Taps

 To remove limescale from your tap, you will need vinegar or lemon. We recommend you use lemon. First, you will remove the limescale from the tap’s outlet. To do so:

  1. Pour lemon juice into a little cup.
  2. Use a cup in which you can steep your tap’s spout.
  3. Once you have filled the cup, immerse the spout into the cup and fit it to the tap with an elastic band or tape.
  4. Leave it soaked for a whole night.

The next morning you will have a limescale-free spout. To remove limescale from the other parts of your tap, soak a cloth with lemon juice and wrap it around the tap. Leave it there for a couple of hours, and the job is done. If you leave it for a couple of hours and the limescale is still there, it means that you have a huge amount of limescale. Then, instead of leaving it for a couple of hours, let it stay overnight.

In both cases, when removing limescale from your tap’s spout or upper surface, you will need to scrub the tap to remove residue. You can use the cloth with lemon juice to do so.

Remove Limescale from Pipes

For pipes, you will need baking soda, white vinegar and hot water. Before you begin the process, make sure that no one has used the bathroom for at least three hours. If there is any soap or grease residue around the basin, clean it before proceeding. To remove the limescale from your pipes, first, pour a cup of baking soda into the drain. Then gently add eight liters of vinegar and let it mix for 3-4 hours. At the end of the waiting time, pour boiling water into the drain, and the job is done. 

Remove Limescale From the Toilet

To remove limescale from your toilet, you will need a full bottle of vinegar. Start by pouring the whole bottle of vinegar into the bowl and around it. Leave the vinegar work for a couple of hours or overnight, depending on how much limescale is accumulated in your toilet. At the same time, put vinegar into a spray bottle, spray the vinegar around the corner of the bowl, and let it work for a couple of hours. After a couple of hours or the next day, scrub the interior of the bowl and flush the toilet. 

Remove Limescale From Shower Head

Removing the limescale from your shower head will need some unscrewing. So, start by unscrewing your shower head from the rest of the installation. Then get a bowl and lemon juice. Again you can do so with vinegar, but we advise using lemon juice because it works perfectly on every type of material. To clean the limescale from your shower head, just steep it in a bowl of lemon juice mixed with hot water for 30 minutes. Then, use a brush to scrub the residual and there you go. Your showerhead is sparkling clean.


What do I do if limescale has broken a plumbing fixture or equipment? 

Sometimes, when we decide to fix our limescale issues, it is already late; the damage has been made. If you are in this situation and you need professional plumbing repair services, stay calm and call 5 Star Plumbing. 

5 Star Plumbing offers you the best plumbing installation, repair and maintenance services in the area. We are a team of highly qualified professionals with licenses and certifications. You can count on us to provide you with the most efficient and affordable service. So, if your plumbing is broken due to limescale, do not hesitate to call us. We will help you remove the limescale and fix your plumbing simultaneously.

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