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How to handle a burst pipe while waiting for a plumber


A burst pipe is probably the last thing any homeowner will want to deal with, but the possibility of this happening may increase with the temperature drops most especially if you live in an old home or your plumbing already has flaws or deterioration over time. When a pipe bursts it can cause flooding and in return lead to damage to your floors and some important or expensive things in your home. 

Reasons For Burst Pipes 

Here are some common causes why homeowners experience pipe bursts:

  • Corrosion and Rusting – corrosion is a possible cause of pipe burst. Rust and pH imbalance compromise the strength of pipes, corrosion over a long period equals weakness of pipe and eventually bursts or leaks. 
  • Large Clogs – clogs can lead to an increase in water pressure which can, in turn, lead to leakage and burst. Minor clogs are not an issue, but large clogs are cause for concern. You will need to get local plumbing services.
  • Movement of Pipes – sometimes your pipe might shift due to temperature changes, repairs to other parts of plumbing, or high-water pressure. When this movement increases the water pressure in certain areas it causes pipe burst. 
  • Frozen Pipes – Frozen pipes pose a big problem. The thawing process of ice when exposed to rapid temperature increases can cause the ice and pipe to shatter. 

There are some signs to look out for when you suspect a pipe burst

  • Water puddles
  • Wall staining
  • Water discoloration
  • Increased water bill
  • Pressure problems
  • Random water sounds
  • Noise in the pipe
  • Smell of water 

To prevent possible damages that may result from a burst pipe, it is important to know what to do when there is a burst pipe. First things first; call a company that offers residential repair services near you.

Call 5 Star plumbing For Emergency Plumbing Services


Our team of plumbers  are experts who will diagnose the cause, offer the best solutions to the problem, and fixe them properly. As it is also important to do preventative maintenance to prevent bursts, schedule our maintenance service that also offers expert repair services. 

However, before our expert plumbers arrive at your home, you should do something to protect your home from the water damage. To help you with that, our expert plumberscame up with a few ways to reduce water damage and prevent further leaks. When you follow these tips, your home will face less water damage.


  • Shut off the water

When a pipe bursts, shut the water supply immediately from the home’s main water valve. You do not want a continuous water supply in the pipe system when there is a burst. And if you think that the water leak may reach any of your electrical outlets or circuits, take the necessary precaution and turn off your electricity too. 

Here are the possible places where you will find your main water shut-off valve in your home: your basement, crawl spaces, mechanical room, around the water heater or furnace, under the kitchen sink, or near the curb. 

  • Drain the faucets 

Drain your faucets to remove the remaining cold water in the system, it reduces the chance of leftover water freezing up inside the pipe. Flush the toilet multiple times to drain water from it. Start with cold water then move to hot water, make sure the water heater or boiler is turned off while you are doing this. Release all the hot water from the hot taps. 

  • Clean the water 

Clean water pools as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. When you clean up the water as fast as possible you reduce the chance of mold growth. A long wait before cleaning up gives room for further damage and mold growth. 

  • Let warm air in 

If your pipe burst or froze from cold weather, you need to let some warm air in. After draining the pipes you might have to turn the heat back on or you can just train a hairdryer on the exact pipe if you know it. Open the cabinet doors as well to let warm air circulate. 

Preventive steps to take in the future to prevent pipe bursts

  • Try winterizing your home by adding insulation to keep rooms warm and pipes from going below the freezing point during winter. 
  • Use pipe sleeves or heat tapes to insulate exposed pipes like pipes in the bathroom and under the kitchen sink.
  • Keep an eye out for water leaks.
  • Repair or replace old pipes.
  • Find pinhole leaks and fix them; they are culprits for frozen pipes. 
  • Open the cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate.
  • Keep your thermostat above 32 degrees always. 

Knowing what to do in the face of a pipe burst will help you a lot. 

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