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Tankless Water Heater | How To Choose The Right One.

A Tankless water heater is a choice many homeowners in the US have chosen for heating. It has many advantages that make it the perfect choice for your home. Among these are advantages are;

It uses little space: As its name suggests, the tankless water heater is free of water-storing tanks. It heats your water instantly as its flows through it. So, if you are looking to save space in your bathroom, the tankless heater is what you need.

Durability: When buying appliances, our innermost desire is that it serves us forever. With the tankless water heater, your ish can almost be realized. Tankless water heaters have a longer life span compared to normal heaters. Its life span is about 20 years, and with good maintenance, you can add a couple of years to it.

Constant Hot Water: One of the inconveniences of usual water heaters is that they limit your supply of hot water. A usual water heater will take time to heat water, and once you have used all the heated water, you will have to wait for it to heat more water. 

With tankless water heating, things are very much different – you do not have to wait for the water to heat at all. The heater constantly heats water as it flows. 

Highly Efficient: Tankless water heaters are praised in the plumbing industry for their high efficiency. Research has shown that people owning tankless water heaters pay half less than those owning ordinary water heaters while enjoying a greater performance and increased durability.


How To Choose Your Tankless Water Heater


Check What Size You Need.

When adding any device to your home, size is always the first thing to take into consideration. With Tankless water heaters, size might influence the configuration of your water heater. That is why when selecting the right size of your water heater, you should also consider factors such as the GPM that determines how many gallons of water your water heater would be able to heat per minute, the BTU that determines the amount energy your water heater will need to increase the temperature of a pound of water and your home’s temperature rise that will help you understand if the water heater is able to supply hot water sufficiently to satisfy your household needs.

Gallons Per Minutes or GPM: To understand what GPM is best for your home, you will have to look at the number of appliances that will use hot water provided by your tank heater. Select those that will use hot water from your device at the same time and add their GPM. The total is the GPM your new tankless water heater should be able to provide. By experience, we would advise you to choose a water heater that provides at least 4 GPMs.

BTU: The BTU informs you of the efficiency of the water heater you are about to purchase. Usually, the higher the BTU, the more hot water your device will be able to provide. A tankless water heater that provides 4 PGMs will often have a BTU of about 190K, which is perfect for a medium-size family.

Home Temperature: To determine which water heater to buy according to your home’s temperature, you will have to do some calculations. First, you will need to measure the temperature of the water entering your home and then subtract that number from the temperature of hot water you desire to have. The result of these calculations is the ideal flow rate your new tankless heater should have. With this information, you can choose a device with a perfect flow rate for your home.

Look At Gas And Electric Tankless Water Heater.

When going to acquire your water heater, you will find yourself in a dilemma – whether to get an electric heater or a gas-fueled heater. The choice here may seem difficult to make, and you might think that making a mistake here might be drastic, but the truth is different. Although there are some differences between them, especially performance-wise, these two types are pretty good at providing instant hot water. When talking about efficiency, both types of tankless water heaters are on the same level. However, when considering performance and price, there are some slight differences that might make one better than the other. 

Gas-fueled Heaters: The tank fuel heater is the most performant of the two types of tankless water heaters. It uses natural gas or propane to work and heats water a little faster than its electric equivalent. On the negative side, gas-fueled heaters are huge consumers of fuel. Therefore if you buy a tankless water heater, be ready to increase your fuel consumption.

Electric Heaters: These are environmentally friendly types of water heaters. They are cheaper than the gas heater and are very efficient – they do not require as much energy like the usual water heater. In addition to that, they are easy to maintain and repair. Ultimately, we can say that buying an electric tankless water heater is the best choice if you are longing for a worry-free life.

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Take The Climate Of Your Area Into Account.

As we mentioned before, to choose the right heater for your home, you have to determine the GPM rate of your appliance, that is, the amount of water your heater will be able to heat in a minute. The climate of your area has a great impact on the GPM factor. If you live in a cold area, the water that enters your home will be colder; therefore, your heater will take more time to heat it. In this case, you have to choose a water heater that has a high GPM. Whereas in a more mild climate, a normal GPM will do. 

You Are Set To Buy Your Water Heater.

The above are the main things to take into consideration when buying a tankless water heater. Always keep in mind the reason for which you are purchasing a heater, and do not forget to look at the warranty of the unit. 

If you need any help regarding the installation of your device, feel free to contact us at any time, and we will send an expert to help you.

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