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Plumbing Tools Indispensable For Your Home

As a homeowner, you know that plumbing issues often happen unawares, disrupting a whole workday and creating an indescribable mess. The best scenario when a plumbing emergency arises is one in which you have the number of a completely dedicated plumber who will come immediately to your home the moment you call. Unfortunately, not everyone has a plumber “bat signal” that we could light in the sky and wait for the hero’s immediate intervention to save the day. Those who have some plumbing skills are often the most fortunate ones. They can try a quick fix before waiting for the arrival of the plumbing expert. However, no matter how skilled you are, you will need some home plumbing tools to fix plumbing issues. 

Relying on a plumbing expert to fix plumbing issues in your home is good but being completely dependent on him is not ideal. Imagine that a water supply pipe in your home gets loose and causes a flood; waiting for a plumber without doing anything can result in enormous damages. On the other hand, if you have some tools such as a plumber’s tape, you can considerably reduce the problem while waiting for an expert. Having some plumbing tools at home, even without any plumbing experience, can completely change the outcome of a plumbing issue. Here are some plumbing tools that can save your day when a plumbing emergency occurs.

Plungers: Plumbers are the most popular of all home plumbing tools. Almost every home in the world holds a plunger. They help to unclog toilets and drains or to speed up draining. There are two types of plungers- a flanged head plunger and a cup head plunger. Flanged head plungers are more adapted to toilets. Their form allows easy insertion into the toilet, and the result is often successful. The cup head plunger is more adapted to kitchen sinks or showers. When water has difficulties going down the drain, using a plunger should be the first thing you try.

Plumbers and Adjustable wrench: A plumber’s wrench is a tool used to tighten leaking pipes. It has a long handle, and its head has the form of a swivel. Plumber’s wrenches are adjustable; thus, they can tighten pipes of different sizes. An adjustable wrench is very similar to the plumber’s wrench except for the fact that it is smaller and has more adjusting capacities.

Strap Wrench: This type of wrench is very useful when you work with difficultly accessible areas. The strap wrench is made up of a rubber strap that you can use to tighten plumbing fixtures without damaging them. It is a perfect substitute for adjustable wrenches.

Adjustable And Needle Pliers: Pliers are tools you use to hold things together while tightening them. There are two main types of pliers: adjustable pliers and Needle pliers. The differences between these two types of pliers are their sizes and accessibility. Adjustable pliers heads are big and strong. You can easily use them to hold easily accessible things tight. They are also sometimes used to pull out, grab or twist. On the other hand, needle pliers are better to use on things that are less accessible. Its tiny head allows it to get to places where a simple adjustable plier won’t reach.

Drain Snakes: When the plunger has not helped with a clogged sink, the drain snake is the next tool to use. They are effective in removing debris such as hair or peeling from the drain. The only disadvantage of drain snakes is their size. They can’t go down your drain further than a few inches. The ideal place to use it is in the kitchen.

Pipe Augers: A pipe auger is a bigger, stronger version of the drain snake. Its size is longer, and it has the same role as the drain snake – to unclog your drain. Pipe hangers have a handle that you can turn after inserting them in the toilet. To unclog your drains, you just have to turn the handle that will free a way for water to flow. Pipe augers are best to use in toilets.

Plumbers And Duct Tape: These are two types of tapes that can be very useful in case of an emergency. The plumber’s tape is a special tape with Teflon or metal forms that are very efficient to close leaks. Plumbers also use this type of tape to put pipes together. Duct tape, on the other hand, is used to seal less important material. They are less resistant than the plumber’s tape. In case you have a leak but no plumber’s tape, duct tape can temporarily serve to close the leak while waiting for the arrival of an expert.

Hacksaw: The last tool but not the least on our list is the pipe cutter. When performing some DIY plumbing, you might need to cut pipes and adjust them. A Hacksaw is a perfect tool to do that. When using a hacksaw, you have the possibility to use different types of blades depending on the type of pipe you want to cut. If you can’t put your hands on a hacksaw, a good alternative is the pipe cutter.

Nevertheless, The Best Solution To Plumbing Emergencies Remains 5 Star Plumbing.

At the beginning of our article, we said that the luckiest person in the world is one who has the number of a reliable plumber who will arrive at his place immediately after a plumbing issue arises. We propose you be this lucky person. 5 Star Plumbing is the fastest and most reliable plumbing service provider in the city. We treat plumbing emergencies as emergencies. Once we receive a plumbing emergency call from you, we immediately dispatch a technician to come and solve the problem on the same day. Our expert plumbers are licensed and insured technicians who are always well-prepared, responsible, and set to fix plumbing issues of any kind with great accuracy. Our plumber’s number is your personal plumber “bat signal” – you call, and we come.

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