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COVID-19 update:

Safety Measures Taken Against The COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically affected and changed our world. With millions of infected people and thousands of deaths, the COVID-19 imposes on us to change our daily habits and follow preventive measures set to protect our families and communities. The US government and the CDC introduced a number of safety rules to slow down and eradicate the virus.

Our personnel are acquainted with all these safety measures and will strictly apply them during and after work. Workers who have any symptoms related to the coronavirus are required to stay at home until they have been tested negative to the virus or recovered.

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Our experts while in the field will follow a number of rules to make sure that everyone is safe
during and after their service.
All our technicians are equipped with personal protective equipment. This equipment includes disposable gloves, masks, and shoe covers.

Social distancing is rigorously enforced in our offices and our experts are required to do the same while at your home. We kindly ask you to respect the 6 feet distance between you and our technician.

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Our technicians wash their hands regularly following the instruction of the World Health Organization.

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After every service provided, our experts will wipe all the surfaces they touched using a disinfectant.


All physical contact with customers is prohibited. Our technicians do not give handshakes and payments are made online or using credit cards.

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As a major provider of home services, our role is to make sure that your life and that of your family is comfortable and safe.

We believe that by following all the safety measures put in place we will win the fight against the coronavirus.

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