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5 Signs You Might Need a Pipe Replacement

Are your home plumbing pipes giving you a lot of troubles lately?

     Your home pipes are the most critical components of your water supply. Even the smallest issue can keep your system from serving like it should. Determining pipe issues can be very tough as they are often installed under floors and between walls, making it difficult for anyone in your family but a professional plumber to diagnose if there is an issue and where the piping problem occurs. Leaking plumbing pipes are not merely a waste of money, but also they can cost you a great deal of expenditure for water problem restoration and repair services.

     Some plumbing issues can be fixed with the appropriate tools and a little application of elbow grease. While others demand a more extensive repair, specifically when your pipe lines  are completely not functioning. Old plumbing pipes are also susceptible to rust, corrosion, and deterioration caused by natural wear and tear. The issue with the mature piping is that you are stuck in an unexpected state when it will break down. With that being said it is important to pay attention to the common signs that it’s high time to update your plumbing system before it gets even more complicated. Here are 5 signs you might need a pipe replacement:


     When you experience lower water pressure than usual specifically if it is a sudden pressure change, this could be an indication of a pipe leak or malfunction in the system. If there is a problem with the water lines on your street, it might be caused by a drop of water pressure. Whether the issue is with the accessory or with the pipes, you need to get your plumbing pipe repair when necessary. 

     Another reason for low water pressure is corrosion stuck up within the lines. Steel and coated piping systems usually last up to 20 years. However, the internal lining of the pipes corrode naturally in the course of time. This corrosion can prevent flow and drop water pressure. Generally,  pipe replacement is necessary to fix corroded pipes. Low water pressure could also be a glaring sign of a leak in your plumbing pipes. As this is a persistent issue, plumbing pipe leaks are maybe the root cause of low water pressure. But if you regularly have decreased water pressure in your home or office, it could be your plumbing pipe’s way of telling you that you have to get new pipelines installed. 



     When you see a crack in your pipes, it will be very easy to locate it. You will be able to inspect the pipe and check water leaking from it as it comes out  your plumbing system. Although the pipes are covered by a wall or beneath a floor, it will not be difficult to discern that you need to have a plumbing pipe reinstalled. 

     Perhaps a pipe leak is the top plumbing concern several residential and commercial building owners experience. Though this little pain in the neck can also make you aware of a much worse problem with your pipes. If you experience persistent leaks in your pipes, contact a plumbing expert if replacement is the best solution. At times, a leak can be coated or sealed. While sometimes, an observable leak is just a minor symptom of a major leak within the pipeline. An expert might be able to fix a plumbing pipe leak without replacing pipes. However, they might also recommend pipe reinstallment if they are completely deteriorated. 



     Your home pipelines are installed under the foundation, underneath the floors, or at the back of the walls, so you do not often be able to notice any observable wear and tear. If you have bare piping in your home, like the exposed pipes in your basement, you will be able to easily inspect corrosion and other problems like flaking, discoloration, and contusions. 

     When corrosion occurs, it is only a matter of time before you are going to opt  to get  your plumbing pipes  replaced to allow water to flow through them smoothly again. If the bare piping is rusted, the coated pipes in your house have more than likely get the same damage and require replacement the soonest possible time.



     Sometimes, rusty water may come from a defective warmer,  so the discolouration only happens when you switch on the hot water. If the rusty state occurs from both cold and hot water, it is an indication that there is corrosion somewhere within the pipeline. But the murky or cloudy water could also be a sign that your lines are rusting and deteriorating. 

     Pay great attention especially when your water takes on a brownish appearance. The discoloration in your water may be a glaring sign that a bigger problem needs your immediate attention. An expert plumber can identify the affected area and safely reinstall a pipeline.



     As previously stated, your pipelines should effortlessly drain water away from your home. In some cases, you will deal with minor clogs, but if you observe more frequent clogs, you may have a more serious problem with your pipes. Persistent clogged drains often indicates you have a clog deep within the pipe. Perhaps, tree roots could have invaded the pipelines and caused a blockage.

     When a sediment accumulates in the piping, a clog could also occur. Whatever the cause of the clog is, you will need to have the problem fixed right away. However, if you have had a professional plumber deal with the clogged drains and pipes time and time again, but the clogs still linger, then it’s the best time to just replace your pipelines altogether.

     Unless your home plumbing pipes are up and running, you would not have good access to clean, safe water, and the sewage from your home couldn’t unload away. You are indebted to your plumbing, so you need to do your best to maintain the pipes in good working condition.

     At 5 Star Plumbing, we would be glad to dispatch a professional and skilled plumber to your place to assist you with plumbing pipe replacement. We can assess your entire plumbing system and identify the problem before giving you advice for the best possible repairs or replacement service.

     Once you hit on any sign that you need to replace your pipes, call upon our team at 5 Star Plumbing to do the right job for you!

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