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10 Reasons to Replace Galvanized

    Every homeowner relies on sewer pipes that drain sewage out of their sinks and maintain their furniture and fixtures to help them carry out their daily chores.

    If you reside in an old residential or commercial building, your sewer pipes may have galvanized. Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that have been coated in protective zinc to avoid oxidation. These pipes are well-known as the main plumbing concern. The issues with galvanized pipes occur when they get corroded faster than other pipes.

    When you buy or live in a house constructed 50 years ago and still hold its plumbing system in good shape, it’s more likely that a part of your line is cast iron. Plumbing service centers receive numerous phone calls daily from home or business owners regarding galvanized sewer pipe replacement. 

    Generally, main sewer lines 25-year or older, are made out of a material that is vulnerable to leak at the surface as time passes by. The plastic pipelines that are attached or connected together with gasketed fittings are much more water-resistant than the traditional piping systems that were typically made out of solid, clay, cast iron, asbestos cement, or different kinds of bitumen coated pipes. In the course of time, all plumbing systems tend to move and lodge a little, as rain, snow, and smelting cause ground movement. If the outdated pipe systems move, they frequently begin to leak at the connections.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

    There are several reasons why sewer lines clog and pipes break. 

  • growth of bushes and tree roots in sewer line
  • improper garbage, human and solid waste disposal into the toilets, or sinks and other drainage systems
  • old cast iron pipes 
  • broken and muddled pipe connections

    Thus, it is essential that you have your sewer pipelines checked regularly for possible repair or replacement needs.

Signs When To Replace Galvanized Sewer Pipes

    Here are the top 10 reasons to replace galvanized sewer pipes, especially if you have cast iron plumbing:


    Good sewer pipes should be properly sealed with the exception of a few vent piles. Broken pipes could leak the sewer gas out which is harmful to the health. The problem can become more embarrassing when you have some guests around. If you notice some sewer gas in your home, it’s best to call an expert plumber before it can get worse.


    A regular leak suggests that you should look into. One possible reason for this is a crack or break in the sewer pipes or damage due to sulfuric acid. If the leaks reoccur even after regular maintenance, you ought to have a professional to inspect them.


    Mildews are another glaring sign of the deterioration. If you see a crack in your iron pipe, it can build up the mold and leak some water around your house. It is dangerous to the health of your entire family, specifically for those who are suffering from skin and respiratory allergies.


    The rust-colored water from your pipe can be caused by the corrosion and galvanized pipes are not even susceptible. The discoloration of water is the most obvious indicator that you ought to change your cast iron pipes.


    When slow draining happens whenever you drip water down the sink or wash down the toilet, it could be an indication that you got broken or damaged sewer pipes. Galvanized pipes usually block gushing in toilets and clog the backup wastewater. While you may utilize some chemical products, these solutions can do any good since they include sulfuric acid that can damage the cast iron pipes.

Healthy Lawn

    When your lawn becomes greener and greener even without putting good fertilizer or watering them regularly, it could be a red signal of a leaking sewer pipe. The leaks push the wastewater to gush out from your home. Then this can serve as fertilizers and boost the growth of plants and trees on your lawn. Thus, if you begin to notice sudden green areas, ask your family if anyone started gardening. If no one confirms, then there is a possibility of a sewer pipe leak. 

Insect Infestation

    Insects or rodent incursions are an indirect sign of broken pipelines. Sewer flies, rats, cockroaches, and other pests can invade your home even through the smallest cracks in the sewer pipe. Bigger insects can cram into sewer pipes through spaces as small as the width of a quarter.


    When you notice puddles of water forming in your yard, it is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your plumbing system. Ninety percent of the leaks are located directly underground.


    Another strong indicator of faulty pipes have cracks on the base or along the walls. When water spills are left unchecked over time, they can damage the foundation of your house. Your cast iron pipes may have caused this problem. It occurs when the baseline has a crack or break that was unnoticed. It can block the sinkholes if it does not replace the pipe or fix the damage.


    When the water or sewer pipes break and drain water, it can overflow underneath your basement or stockroom. At a later time, it can clear out the soil and make some parts of the ground to droop downwards. This groove may not be observable but is a hint that your plumbing system needs your immediate attention.

    A sewer pipe replacement could be the best solution to avoid the health and financial risk of the galvanized pipes. You should have your pipes regularly checked whether your house is new or old. The presence of breaks, water under or around a pipe, corroded surfaces, and bumps are all definitive indications that it needs professional help.

    Do your sewer pipes show some or all the signs? The price of replacement will absolutely be much less than fixing the possible issue in due time. 

    Give 5 Star Plumbing a call for consultation and replacement services about the galvanized sewer pipes and other issues you might have with your plumbing system at home!